True or False: Actions speak louder than words?

My boyfriend insisted words speak louder...

This might be

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  • True. If you want to change other people, you have to use sheer force of gravity, and that's obtained from being the best that you can be. Back then, people that spoke very little but had this sense of gravity, got things done and had lots of fame. It's much better than screaming all day and having no one listen to you.

    Also, your actions have to match your words. If you make a promise, you have to keep it.

    Finally, once your actions are great, the words you speak will be much stronger and convincing.

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What Guys Said 13

  • Actions tell you what people are really thinking...words are easy to manipulate, but while actions can be faked, it's a lot harder, and impossible over a long period of time!

  • what would make you more impressed, a guy

    saying he can do a somersault, or a guy that

    shows you he can do a somersault?

    in this context, actions speaks louder than words ^.~

  • True. Plain and simple.

  • True, very true.

  • What? what was your BF's argument for "I say something but I don't follow my own words I do something else" having any credibility?

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What Girls Said 6

  • They both speak very loudly. I don't think you can really just decide that one is stronger than the other. And people seem to forget how powerful words can be sometimes...

  • True. It's because words are so easy to say, but actions are often really hard to do.

  • it's true,.

    ... although in some contexts speaking up and using words is an action itself.

  • Def true!

  • Words are powerful, no doubt. But let's say someone punches you and says "I love you", which of those will you hear better? Or let's say someone says they don't care about you, but they show up at the hospital when you get hurt, which do you hear better?

    I think actions definitely speak louder than words. What someone says and what someone does are two very different things a lot of the time. I look at their actions to see who they really are.

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