Naked pics on my boyfriends phone

I was bad and snooped through my boyfriends phone. I found about 30 pics of naked of nearly naked girls saved to his phone. There wee at least 10 pictures of girls I know personally on there. They are in our circle of friends. I asked him about it and h says he uses them to jerk off and they don't mean anything. I feel sick and 2 inches tall. I don't know if I should believe him that nothing is going on with these girls. We have only been dating 4 months and we have sex almost everyday. He says he is going to delete the pic and he will never do it again. I think he will and will get better at hiding it. I feel angry, hurt and sad. What do I do?

He pics were not sent to him. He went on girls Facebook pages and Instagram and saved there sexy pics to his phone. He had do this within the last month. I know it's wrong to invade his privacy but I really felt he was trying to hide his phone from me all the time. Won't let me hold it even when he is trying to show me something on it. I asked him about the pics. He said it was a one time thing and he won't do it again. I think he will continue to do it and just erase the evidence. F***my life!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Personally I get off better when I see in my mind or on TV/Computer/Phone someone that I know in real life rather then p*rn stars or someone naked that I will never meet.

    No different then any other p*rn, although you have to wonder if he sent them a naked pic to get one. IF not, what was the girls reason for sending one.

    Sorry you feel the way that you do. If they were not there at the start of your relationship you might want to rethink it.

    Yes I have pictures of quite a few females that I know and yes I have used them as visual aides to my masturbation sessions, but with us it is more about the visual then the actual sex. One who I use the most (even masturbated in the same room together - never touching one another) has a smoking hot (to me) body but does not have sex often enough (1 in 2 years) as we live in a small town and she is HSV2 positive and I am one of the only ones that know it.

    If you feel so out of sorts, man up and talk to him about it. Granted it was not your phone and you should not have been snooping, so hold yourself accountable for that - there is no excuse. Half of the problems on this site could be taken care of if the poster had communication skills or balls enough to confront the one(s) that they are writing about.