Tollerating torture everyday at school

I am a 16 years old girl.some boys in school always makes comments like " you are short , crazy etc ". Previously I used to take that lightly but now I see its increasing and other kids joining them. I fought verbally and gave proper replies , but it seems they enjoy whatever . Telling them to stop it increases them. Last day one boy had written on my shirt without my knowledge " kick me please " and everyone kicked me .I charged one of them and they replied " bullsh*t bustards need to be kicked in head " " I would like to hug you " I felt like so much humiliated . Also while getting in school bus they push me groups and then see the fun.But I don't know who did it. I can't help being what I am. Nature created me like that. Its not my fault. Last day in an excursion from school they said in groups " your best place is in this zoo in same cage with a monkey ".They always make painful comments everyday. Sometimes I feel like giving up my life but I don't have enough courage to do that. Any ideas how to deal with such problems.


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  • The other suggestions about talking this out with someone familiar with dealing with these things is a really good call. If your principle seems a bit intimidating, try talking to a school counselor or a friendly teacher who has an idea of the situation. In the meantime, one thing that works pretty well is ignoring the people trying to mess with you. It totally messes with them if their stupid antics don't seem to do anything. This is really hard to do though, I'm just putting it out there.

    Also it seems like the light at the end of this tunnel isn't so far off. Your are probably close to getting out of high school, which means all this crap will end soon. If you go to college (and please really try to go to college) these attitudes toward treating people really go away. People mature and start respecting each other as individuals as you get older. You don't see adults behaving in this way, and soon this will be the case for you. High school was sorta crappy for me too, just an awkward stage I had to get through, and I did. Then college came along and all was good with the world. Try to make he best of your current situation if you can, but even if you can't keep in mind that good things await if you can hold out a bit longer.

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      yes , shall try to ignore , but they push me