Would a facial scar freak a guy out?

When I was little, I got the chicken pox, and it left a deep scar on my face. It is located to the right of my nose, in between the inner corner of my eye and my nose. It is darker than my skin tone (I am tan), and kind of oval shaped.

I am really really self-conscious about it, and it really destroys my confidence. Everything else about me is fine, nice body, nice hair, etc. But the scar pretty much looks like an odd birthmark.

So, my face just isn't symmetrical. So I can't be as flawless (or at least as close to flawless as possible) as I would like to be. How much would that freak a guy out?

I am going to get the scar removed, but I am scared I won't be able to get it removed before college. And it may not be removed completely. Scars are usually forever.


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  • Very little.

    Its actually been studied:


    Summary: women find men more attractive as short term partners if they have facial scars, and do not view them differently in the long term. Men don't view women as more or less attractive.

    I'm sure people say that scars themselves don't look nice, and think people would look better without them. However, they don't change how attractive we find the person -with- the scar. It's a bit like if you imagine your dream guy, and his arm is in a cast. Is he suddenly ugly? uh, no.


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  • Fully agree with SaltyDog. I like the analogy of a birthmark.

  • to me scars tell a story and add character to a person like knots in a piece of wood and I don't care if a girl has them as I have my fair share of them and stretch marks. I find that scars can even be cute. iam fond of birth marks as well, maybe iam just weird like that :S

  • It's hard to judge just based on your description, but I dated a girl for 8 years that had a semi large scar on her forehead. It was noticeable, but didn't bother me at all. Please, try to stop being so self conscious about. I know it's easier said than done, but in reality, scars don't make me think twice.

    Also, don't try to hide it with makeup. It's unfortunate that you let something like that deflate your confidence. To me, a scar can be looked at as an alternate form of a beauty mark. It wouldn't bother me at all.

  • In all honesty it wouldn't freak me out or even most guys for that matter, you should try not to worry about it to much that will only make it seem worse to you.

  • It wouldn't freak us. If you're beautiful and in good shape, that scar won't matter much.


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  • I have a chicken pox scar too, just be confident and he won't notice.

  • Depends on what it is

  • You could always put makeup on it. But some guys might think it's cool. If someone really likes you, then they can see past it.