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Why is Kristen Dunst so ugly?

and gets many protagonist roles? I'm not saying ugly people shouldn't star in movies, but the roles she gets are supposed to be meant for someone... Show More

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  • She isn't the most attractive and was on the list of most unsexy/unattractive celebs

    Ironically everyone will find her attractive because you called her unattractive but I've never once heard anyone drool over her

    And her movies haven't been good

    Talk about the massive amount of bs being said on this Q

    Prime example of how people will call the most avg girl attractive in order to appear open minded

    • HAHA that's true

What Girls Said 42

  • I wouldn't say she's ugly but she's pretty average. She probably comes from a well connected family or something

  • i never thought she was ugly

  • D:

    She's actually pretty.and seems like she's a really good person.

  • um.. I haven't seen her recently..

    but.. she used to be pretty...

  • She could very well be attractive to other people out there. She might not be the most beautiful person to you personally but she perhaps does good acting and isn't famous for her looks but for her talent. I can't give the most accurate answer as I haven't seen many of her movies but fact is, she must be doing something right and must have something attractive otherwise she wouldn't be where she is today.

  • Because she spreads her legs easier than other female actresses I assume...

    • This one must be it.

    • lel.

  • um, you nay not think she is pretty...but some other people do.

    i thought she was hot with red hair link

  • I think she's pretty, but beauty is subjective. Why is it such a big deal that you are ranting about this? Plenty of unattractive men are big Hollywood stars, anyway.

  • us.cdn281.fansshare.com/.../...rman-1629581071.jpg
    I think she's goregous in the spiderman movies. Like, really really gorgeous.

  • i think people like her innocence

  • She's not ugly. But I get what your saying...she not the prettiest of the bunch and I agree.

  • I will agree she is not what everyone would call traditionally beautiful but i would say her look is more quirky than ugly and she makes it work for her. It's actually kind of nice to see amongst the cookie cutter Hollywood celeb mold. Also she's a versatile actress who a is good in everything she does. You see a lot of actors who go from role to role just playing the same person in the same way, but if you look at K.D its like she builds an entirely different person from the ground up every single time.

    Also i personally think she's quite pretty.

  • btw... poor girl! Isn't even her own fault!

    • lol

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    • it has to do with your inconsequential, petty opinions and what they say about you as a person.

    • and what?

  • Kristen Dunst is so ugly because her parents decided to have sex and merge their appearances. lol Sometimes when people do that its a gamble what they'll get. In other words, not all recipes 'turn out'. Just because people like to cook, doesn't necessarily make them a chef, ya know what I'm sayin? ;D lol

    • HAHA

  • She has been my celebrity crush for a long time. How can you find her to be ugly?

  • No she is not ugly she is not your definition of beauty and man

    there are other more uglier actresses

  • Wow... I'm surprised to hear that :O

  • Unless you are someone who is able to get one of those "beautiful faces" to look at you without running away, you probably shouldn't be judging.

    • anyone can judge.

  • Hating makes you so much more uglier than anybody you think is physically ugly.

    • that doesn't make her any better looking either.

  • Post your pic on here so we could see if your hating ass is ugly !

    • yes because that would magically give kirsten a face transformation? My attractiveness has nothing to do with that eyesore.

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    • "yes because that would magically give kirsten a face transformation? My attractiveness has nothing to do with that eyesore."

      I am loling so hard.

      Side note: Why do people take it so seriously?

    • hahaa

  • I think people find her attractive. but I don't. even she being ugly there are rumours that she had affairs with fabrizio moretti from the strokes and andrew vanwyngarden from mgmt and both are hot hot hot!

  • I think she's pretty!

  • shes soso looking, but majority of male actors are ugly.. not a reason someone shouldn't act. I think more female actors should be not so great looking. but very good or excellent ACTORS... not pretty faces getting paid millions to pretend they can act.

  • she is not ugly and stop juding people :P

  • I find her pretty though. she left a deep impression in me from the movie-The Virgin Suicides

  • Don't you mean Kristen Stewarts!

    • that one isn't SO ugly. that one needs better acting lessons.

  • Tosh explained it well... it's the tiny teeth, haha!

    She's just mediocre, in my opinion. Mediocre actress too.

    • exactly

  • I think she's pretty

    Just not a great actress

  • I agree she is average looking and an average actress too... but I think I liked her in "The Science of Sleep"

  • she's not ugly, she's really beautiful and either way she's still waaayyy out of your league mr anonymous-judgement-nobody

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What Guys Said 11

  • Weird, I think she's really good looking.

  • Don't you be putting my Mary-Jane down, I rolled her up all by myself. Puff puff pass. She fine as hell.

    • what's with the attention on this question. Thank god you didn't ask this about Angelina Jolie, lmao. Now, I'm ready for my closeup Mr Director.

  • She's only okay as far as celebs go IMO. She's way better looking than the avg girl on the street butnothing special in Hollywood.

  • She's not ugly. She actually kind of cute. An actress who i don't really find attractive is that girl Mindy from the show The Mindy Project.

    • She's*

  • It's Kirsten Dunst, not Kristen and everyone has a different taste in attractiveness. Also I think she's better than average actress.

  • She was hot in the first Spider-Man and she's just ok.

  • That's not very nice. Kristen... are you listening?

    Nope... she has other things to do... like get movie parts and make more money doing so than most of us will ever see.

    Talent is more important than looks, anyway.

    • I think this guy is "downing" anyone who disagrees with him or says anything even remotely positive about KIRsten Dunst... honestly...

      Is this primary school... or what?

  • ehh she's not that bad

  • She's a good example of how not every guy evaluates looks in the same way, because I happen to find her very attractive, and I know I'm not the only guy who does.

    • I'm with you. Kirsten Dunst was my crush when I was growing up. She has always been super-hot to me, plus her movies are usually good. I really don't know what people have against her. >_>

  • Exactly! she is ugly as fuck!!! this bitch is sooo fuckin ugly, maann!! I was fucking pissed the fuck off when she played as Mary jane in Spider-man. But than those spider man movies were a huge piece of fucking shit!!!
    the only reason why people like Toby McGuire more than Andrew Garfield is because they were kids who were in aww with the shitty ass fucking movie that they always go back to their nostalgia and convince themselves that they liked the Sam Rammy or whatever the fuck films more--fucking idiot motherfuckers!

  • She's definitely not ugly. You might not find her attractive but she's far from ugly

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