Why is Kristen Dunst so ugly?

and gets many protagonist roles?

I'm not saying ugly people shouldn't star in movies, but the roles she gets are supposed to be meant for someone attractive, or at least have a beautiful face.


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  • She isn't the most attractive and was on the list of most unsexy/unattractive celebs

    Ironically everyone will find her attractive because you called her unattractive but I've never once heard anyone drool over her

    And her movies haven't been good

    Talk about the massive amount of bs being said on this Q

    Prime example of how people will call the most avg girl attractive in order to appear open minded

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  • She could very well be attractive to other people out there. She might not be the most beautiful person to you personally but she perhaps does good acting and isn't famous for her looks but for her talent. I can't give the most accurate answer as I haven't seen many of her movies but fact is, she must be doing something right and must have something attractive otherwise she wouldn't be where she is today.

  • Because she spreads her legs easier than other female actresses I assume...

  • I wouldn't say she's ugly but she's pretty average. She probably comes from a well connected family or something

  • i never thought she was ugly

  • btw... poor girl! Isn't even her own fault!

    • lol

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    • and what?

    • So your mom and dad made a wrong and bad choice for merging their appearances then.

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  • That's not very nice. Kristen... are you listening?

    Nope... she has other things to do... like get movie parts and make more money doing so than most of us will ever see.

    Talent is more important than looks, anyway.

    • I think this guy is "downing" anyone who disagrees with him or says anything even remotely positive about KIRsten Dunst... honestly...

      Is this primary school... or what?

  • Don't you be putting my Mary-Jane down, I rolled her up all by myself. Puff puff pass. She fine as hell.

    • what's with the attention on this question. Thank god you didn't ask this about Angelina Jolie, lmao. Now, I'm ready for my closeup Mr Director.

  • Weird, I think she's really good looking.

  • It's Kirsten Dunst, not Kristen and everyone has a different taste in attractiveness. Also I think she's better than average actress.

  • ehh she's not that bad

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