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How to get rid off dents on the sides of my butt?

I'm a dancer and have extremely muscular legs, waist, and butt. I have flat dents on either aide of my butt and it makes the sides of my hips flat.... Show More

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  • The dents you're referring to are referred to as striations. They are not a sign of having a lot of muscle, but rather relatively low body fat in that area. Even a girl with a relatively small amount of muscle will have those there if her body fat is low enough. If your body fat is low enough to be able to describe your figure as "toned" you WILL have them. They come as part of that whole "toned" package. It's not a bad thing, don't worry. The only way to really get rid of them would be to increase your body fat.

    I notice you ask a fair amount of fitness related questions. Feel free to add me if you want some good tips.

    • There's no way to work any muscle there then? Oh man this sucks.

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  • Be proud of your muscle tone! Short of stopping the working out or gaining a lot of fat, there's nothing that can be done about these dents. Youhave worked hard to get them, so appreciate them!

  • You need to gain weight and your ass will thicken out a bit. Exercise wise... You could BULK but its not going to be easy per-say because you are a dancer and need to be light on your feet... I could suggest you up calorie intake, protein intake then start a weight training regiment that will thicken out your bum and legs... Its quite possible although I'm not sure the positives outweigh the negatives in your case.

    • My butt and thighs are bulked up just not the sides.

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    • Kinda* story the autocorrect on my phone is really bad. I don't want to have to "thicken up" with fat. I have the bone structure for nice hips just not the muscle to cover the sides.

    • IF you want to gain your going to have to 1. eat more 2. heavy weighted exercise for low reps. It's possible it just may not be ideal for dancing.

  • butt dimples? those are natural

  • I would imagine that the 'flat dents' you have on either side of your butt are attributable to the exercises you do for your dancing. Any attempt to change your figure in that may have detrimental effects on your dancing ability? If you are still keen to try workouts that work on your hips, although I don't have any specific suggestions, there are plenty of websites out there dedicated to health and fitness. Maybe you could browse for exercises that will work on the areas you specifically want to improve and try them out to see if there's any improvement? Maybe try kick-boxing? ;o) Whatever you decide to do, I hope you get the results you're looking for... :o)

    • Lol thanks :P

    • You're welcome... :o)

  • Guys won't see that as a turn off.

  • Pretty sure that's normal. Nice butt though ;)

    • Hahaha thanks I should post another pic maybe it's a lot bigger now ;)

    • It wouldn't hurt ;)

    • Lol add me.

  • Implants or shots, and get the lazy eye fixed.

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  • side lunges

  • tone up the top muscles.

  • I was skinny for a while now I stopped smoking n start eating really well, now I'm starting to gain weight n I have a demple on one side should I worry

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