I broke up with my ex and a few days later he had a new girlfriend. What does this mean?

I done a lot for my ex, more than he done for me. But he some things for me. Well he came home late from work and I was upset an he didn't speak to... Show More

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  • Sounds like an ass in my honest opinion. It sounds like he was over you before you broke up. It may be hard but you need to just move on and let him go. Find a better guy.

    • I never thought he was an ass, a jerk at times yes but he always made me happy. He may have been over me before we broke up. He never thought I cared about him and that was a problem for him. My guy friends would send me texts saying "hun" or "sweetie". And he would see my texts. I told my guy friends to stop and I stopped contacting most back. But he thought that I had another guy on the side I was talking to. Which may be why he kept that girl on the side.

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    • omg I've been through something similar, it's so sad and it sucks :( But you are strong and you can get through this <3

    • You guys are playing games, rather than practicing honest, open healthy communication. If you don't learn how to express yourself honestly and loving, your relationships will never grow.