I broke up with my ex and a few days later he had a new girlfriend. What does this mean?

I done a lot for my ex, more than he done for me. But he some things for me. Well he came home late from work and I was upset an he didn't speak to me for about 30 min after he got home. I asked him if it was going to be awkward like this if I moved in and he was busy on fb. So I said OK, or ignore me and walked outside. He took it as I broke up. We talked briefly after I went home but the next day he wouldn't reply to my text. I called him about a week later and told him I was sorry and wanted to work things out. Still no reply. Is he rebounding or is he done with me? He later blocked me on fb after I deleted him.


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  • Sounds like an ass in my honest opinion. It sounds like he was over you before you broke up. It may be hard but you need to just move on and let him go. Find a better guy.

    • You guys are playing games, rather than practicing honest, open healthy communication. If you don't learn how to express yourself honestly and loving, your relationships will never grow.

    • omg I've been through something similar, it's so sad and it sucks :( But you are strong and you can get through this <3

    • I know, I'm trying to move on. It's just hard. We talked about our future together and I was moving in with him on the 16th of this month. He would beg me to never leave him and that he loves me. Those are the things I'm still holding onto. Not the way he is now. But I should focus on how he's acting now. He told me though if I had ever left him it'd be too hard for us to be friends. I will. Thank you for the advice.

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  • It means that the new girlfriend is a rebound.

  • You are done. Forever. Sorry in my opinion you overreacted for him being late from work even though he might have been with this new chick. Answer my newest one please

    • so let me get this straight. He flipped out cause there was an awkward pause... dude is a sociopath

    • this. I didn't even realize what I had said. He could have just thought I was being immature about the situation and was over it. I just really thought he cared. I was moving in with him in less than 3 weeks before we broke up.

    • He usually got home around 10:30, he even texted me at that time and asked what I was doing. I just said laying here and didn't ask where he was. He arrived home about 11:30 and set in his truck for about 5-10 (thinking). Then came in and ate. by this time I had already planned on going home. I was hurt/mad so I was a little distant from him too. We were talking fine and then I kind of came out of no where with the comment of this will be the last time you see me if its gonna be awkward like

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  • It means he's moved on. You shouldn't be upset, I mean he is your ex for a reason. Also you should be mad if he blocked you on Facebook, you asked for it when you deleted him. What goes around comes around.

  • He's a d*ck. Don't go back to him. He is rebounding and he'll be back in no time. DON'T TAKE HIM BACK. He's is not a man. He is a boy.

  • He is over done! Decent men don't ignore the woman they love. Sounds like he's got another romantic interest lined up; he is emotionally unavailable with mood swings and depression (you don't want to live like that do you?), or he a self-absorbed personality. He should be seeking you out for attention. Cut this jerk lose. Read more Never Date a Dead Animal at website God Please Fix Me.

    • He wasn't getting the attention he wanted from me. That's why he tends to ignore me a bit because he knows it makes me want him more. But that is immature of him. I agree that he should be seeking out my attention, but I did break up with him. And didn't apologize to him that night. I told him I didn't wanna break up but I said it seems you do. And friends have told me that that sounds like I may have not cared if we did or didn't break up.