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How many bras are too many?

I just counted all of my bras and I currently have 10 bras but throwing one away that I really don't like that much. So my question is how many bras... Show More

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  • I don't know how many are too many, but I know 10 are not close to the limit. At least I need a lot of bras, and I have small breasts so I imagine bustier girls are going to need even more bras ^^

    I have an everyday seamless sports bra thingey, an everyday perfect fitting bra, an everyday perfect fitting push up bra, a thin no padding at all-nipples shine through bra, a no straps bra, a freebra, etc. Those I mentioned are 5 bras, and that is not counting real sport bras, doubles (I really need more than one perfect fitting everyday bra..) and lingerie bras. I don't count lingerie bras as everyday wear since they show through clothes when you have thin fabrics and/or tight clothes which I do a lot, so.

What Guys Said 13

  • However many you want. It's your clothing and your body. We got women who own like 50+ pairs of shoes so what makes bras any different?

  • Not that I have any real right to answer this question, but I wouldn't think that there is too many, as long as you actually have room for all of them.

  • Stick 'em on ebay - there's probably a pervy guy or two who wants to buy used lady's underwear...

  • I guess I depends on price, if you have like 14 Victoria secret bras then that's a lot of money. Have some nice ones and then just ones that work.

  • As many as you need

  • Well, different has for a different feeling

  • i think the number of bras that a girl should have according to guys is 0

    • But then if her breasts are any bigger than an A-cup they'll sag really quickly. Bras are your friends fellas!

    • sagging has something to do with health not posture

      but in any case I think 5 normal everyday bras is enough. then you can have other fancy bras that you wear on special occasions

  • 1 is too much for any woman under 35. chill, I'm kidding.

    serious, however many is good, 10 is fine. as long as you aren't wearing the same one everyday.

    its not like people are gonna see it and say "OMG you wear that one too often" or "what do you have like 200 bras".

    • I pretty much wear a different one each day with the exception of one of them which is my ultimate pushup that adds 2 cups sizes that one isn't good for day to day use.

    • Why?

    • Why what?

  • Just make sure you have some crazy sexy ones in the mix and you're good. :P

    • What do you define as crazy sexy? lol

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    • No I see those as pointless, if a guy wants to see my nipples/boobs then I can take off my bra.

    • Fair enough. Though sometimes it IS fun to mix it up a bit.

  • My sister has 81 pairs. I think you're alright with 10.

    • How do you know how many bras your sister has?

    • She told me ha ha All her assets are in victoria secret underwear apparently.

  • As many as you want

  • You can never have too man bras!

  • Bras are underwear for women. You can never have too much underwear

What Girls Said 19

  • You can never own too many.

  • I'm not sure the exact number I have, but I'm positive it's more than 10. I LOVE bras and stuff and I don't think you can EVER have too many, I'm always buying new ones. lol

  • I own around 15, they're not enough as every time I search to find one to put on, there's something I don't like about it, so I buy others and throw the old ones and the cycle continues. It's ironic too cause I actually don't wear bras a lot (depends on where I'm going to) but still feel that I haven't got enough bras...

  • You can never have enough

  • Too many? Next you'll be telling me there's such a thing as too many pairs of knickers. In my book there's no such thing but if they've wear and tear then I dump them. Same if I don't have matching undies anymore. I never don't match so one is pointless without the other.

    BTW I don't lose the matching undies. That would be weird.

  • Lol bras are cute and stylish; it's fun to coordinate and get different styles / designs. They're like jewelry, accesories for your boobs :P

    Never can have too many in my best opinion ^^ I have about 25 or so. Getting more this weekend, they have some new cute one's at Vicky's Secret.

    • I agree but also believe if I never wear them then they don't belong in my drawer. Which collection are the new cute bras at VS from?

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    • So, an illegal bikini top, basically?

    • um I guess lol?

  • i have around 34 or 35 and next time i see another really cute one, that number will increase again! lol i can never have too many cute bras

  • Never such thing as to many bras. They are made in so many patterns and cuts so it gives you a reason to have tons ;)

  • more than 20 are too many

  • more than 16

  • U cannever have too many.

  • No such thing! Unless you're keeping all the old ones! Only then can you say too many.. throw them away!

    A zillion "Good" bras are never too much! :]!

  • E! you need every different style of bra, like the T, strapless and such

  • there's no limit, I've got heaps in all different cuts, colors and fabrics.

  • You are entitled to have as many bras as you like.

  • 10 is a lot..

  • no such thing. as long as you can afford and store them, who cares?

  • There's never too many.

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