How many bras are too many?

I just counted all of my bras and I currently have 10 bras but throwing one away that I really don't like that much. So my question is how many bras are too many?

  • Vote A More than 5
  • Vote B More than 8
  • Vote C More than 10
  • Vote D More than 15
  • Vote E You can never have too many bras.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't know how many are too many, but I know 10 are not close to the limit. At least I need a lot of bras, and I have small breasts so I imagine bustier girls are going to need even more bras ^^

    I have an everyday seamless sports bra thingey, an everyday perfect fitting bra, an everyday perfect fitting push up bra, a thin no padding at all-nipples shine through bra, a no straps bra, a freebra, etc. Those I mentioned are 5 bras, and that is not counting real sport bras, doubles (I really need more than one perfect fitting everyday bra..) and lingerie bras. I don't count lingerie bras as everyday wear since they show through clothes when you have thin fabrics and/or tight clothes which I do a lot, so.