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Girls: would you give your boyfriend a lapdance for his birthday?

What are your thoughts on this?

Have you done it before

  • Vote A Yea, id have fun doing that
  • Vote B Yea, but I'd do it just for him
  • Vote C No, I wouldn't want to do that
  • Vote D I'm single / it's too early to do that with him yet

Most Helpful Opinion

  • He wouldn't have to wait until his birthday, haha! I'd do it anytime.

    I've never given one before, but I'd love to sometime. Just another form of foreplay :-)

    • awesome

    • How naughty

    • :-)

What Girls Said 10

  • Depending on how long we've been dating and how comfortable I am with him, sure I'd do it. With the right guy, I'd have a lot of fun with it!

  • I wouldn't know how, and I don't understand what the big deal is anyway.

    • learn, and if you have already had sex with him before, definitely surprise him with one on his birthday

  • Sure, why not, I haven't done it, though, it takes some kind of bond to ever do such things with a guy in our sexual life. But I would if there was such.

  • I would feel quite insecure doing it, I have no idea how lol

  • I've never done it, so I'd train before until getting really good in it, so I wouldn't get SO shy. But, once I learned it and overcame any embarrassment, I probably wouldn't need any special occasion for doing so. Especially if he showed himself particularly pleased by it. ^^

  • Of course, in heels with the sexiest underwear!

  • Of course! Done it before and it's always well received, heels and lingerie are the ticket! Fun too :)

  • nope. bad association.

  • i have been single all my life but I would give him one if I'm ever in a relationship.

    • hell yeah ;P

    • stalker! haha

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