A psychiatrist, a psychologist and a therapist...

What is the difference between the three? I was told in cma class but I forgot


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  • A psychiatrist has a medical degree and a few years of education about psychology, and can perscribe medication. A psychologist has 8+ years of psychology school, and no medical degree. They are more experienced in therapy, but cannot perscribe medication. A therapist has 4+ years of psychology or social work, and can give therapy. A therapist is a good person to talk to for regular problems (Depression, problems at work, etc). A psychologist can do all of these, as well as more complex issues ( behavior therapy, mental health, etc), and a psychiatrist will perscribe medications for serious depression, skizophrenia, etc. Depending on where you live and what kind of healthcare you have access too, a therapist is likely the cheapest option. For very difficult problems, a psychologist and psychiatrist might work together for the treatment of one person, who would see the psychiatrist to get medications, and a psychologist would give them therapy.

    If you're having trouble, talk to your doctor or counsilor about it, and they will do what they can to help. They will refer you to the right person. :D

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      I just started seeing a therapist yesterday. I realize just from one visit that I am not as crazy as I thought.

      We will see next visit though. Haha