What does it mean when a guy likes you, but will try to avoid you?

I know this guy who apparently likes me, But will avoid me at all cost & when I try to tlk to him he gets really mean & cocky. I met him through his sister. We became best friends & the 1st time I went to her house she introduced me & he was nice & all, but afterward locked himself in his room & didn't tlk to us the whole time I was there! Since then every time I go over there he will do the same thing or go out. I didn't think anything of it until I realized he did it every time I showed up! I thought, "Man, he must think I'm annoying or something." Until his sister told me he thought I was attractive & liked me, she also told me he said not to tell me. Wtf! I thought she was messing with me, but started questioning it when we were playing truth or dare in his room (which we rarely do) & his best friend whispered to me that he likes me & told him to suggest playing truth or dare so he could hang out with me. I thought, "What kind of s*** is this!?" I'm so confused! Help me!

Most Helpful Guy

  • how old is her brother? if he's over say 19 and he knwos you are under age he could just be frustated about the whole thing. (if the age difference is 2 or less years it's okay at least where I live.)

    • I would say a few months older, I can't remember. I just know his birthday is in the fall and mine is in spring, so yeah..

    • it could be that you are his first major crush and he doesn't know/understand how to go about handling it.