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What does it mean when a guy likes you, but will try to avoid you?

I know this guy who apparently likes me, But will avoid me at all cost & when I try to tlk to him he gets really mean & cocky. I met him through his... Show More

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  • how old is her brother? if he's over say 19 and he knwos you are under age he could just be frustated about the whole thing. (if the age difference is 2 or less years it's okay at least where I live.)

    • I would say a few months older, I can't remember. I just know his birthday is in the fall and mine is in spring, so yeah..

    • it could be that you are his first major crush and he doesn't know/understand how to go about handling it.

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  • As a guy who went through the whole teenage shyness thing. Simply put he is scared of rejection, because not only would you rejecting him hurt his pride. You are his sisters friend, therefore he feels like he would be ridiculed by her if shot down. I have a little sister myself and had a similar probably when I was a teen. If you like him back, my advice would be to make a move on him.

    I hope this helped. = ) Good luck!

  • It would be that he's just shy and wants you to approach him.

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