What are signs your boyfriend doesn't respect you?

What are signs yours boyfriend a loser that sees you as a sex object and doesn't love and respect you?


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  • Doesn't talk about the future with you. If you want to go to a certain place and he never takes you, all he wants to do is get naughty. Doesn't try to take you to meet his family OR friends. Gets annoyed when you tell him about your problems (some guys take this as a sign of complaining but for us, this isn't complaining and it doesn't mean we want them to take care of our problems, it just means we just want to let it out and we trust them telling them our stuff)

    Also, if he only wants to talk to you all day only at night when you're almost going to bed. If you guys rarely go out.

    And that my friend, is a sign he doesn't respect you, and if he doesn't respect you, he doesn't love you.


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  • ... Is this really a question?

    How about maltreatment. Just general maltreatment and lack of interest in your wellbeing? How's that.


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  • bieng nasty, mean, not caring about you, ignoring you

  • anything you wouldn't do to him

  • If you have to ask then you already know.