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Heavy drinker causing hep c?

My friend said her aunt whs been a heavy drinker for years, anyway they think she has hep c. She claims she got the virus from drinking. How in the... Show More

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  • sure if they shared the bottle with other people

What Girls Said 6

  • That's bullsh*t.

    You can get it from:

    sharing needles

    having sex with someone who's got hep C

    blood transfusion

  • I guess it would be possible if someone cut them self and shared a drink with her and she also has a cut, that would expose the blood to blood linkage and might cause her to have HEP. C.

    Other than that I have no idea.

  • low immune system maybe, the alcoholic itself, no... alcohol is sterile...

  • it is not

  • It usually causes liver problems not hep c

What Guys Said 5

  • well maybe she got drunk and slept with a guy who had hep c and didn't use protection?

  • Only possibility is that the immune system was weakened from drinking and a VIRUS that was available to be caught entered her body but that is unlikely anyway. Drinking has nothing to do with hepatitis. Exchanging bodily fluids, sharing needles or blood transfusions are reasons to get it.

  • You don't catch viruses from drinking a lot. Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus and is transmitted by sharing needles with someone that has it either from drug use, or through a tattoo needle in some shoty place like like prison where they share needles. She was probably a junkie and get it from Heroin use.

    • There's a reason why I stay awaye from needles.

  • It's not possible.

  • Heavy drinking can cause liver damage, but not hep c.

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