Girls: Do you know that guys like yoga pants/leggings?

I imagine most girls know this but guys like those types of pants for reasons I'm sure you also know. And if you don't know, well it's because they're tight and don't leave much to the imagination. My question then is does this factor into your decision to wear them and how do you feel about the fact that guys like them for those reasons?


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  • Yes, this is the reason why I don't wear yoga pants in public.

What Girls Said 7

  • Deh but that isn't why women wear them

  • Of course! Other than being comfortable, why else would girls wear them so much? I don't know why people (both guys and girls) underestimate the lengths girls will go to for attention.

  • yes we do, but I don't wear them for guys

  • obviously

  • yes, but I don't wear them for guys hahha.

  • Of course that's the reason why guys love them! With me I would wear them if I know not a lot of guys will be around! So yes for I think twice if I would wear them or not lol

  • i'm sure a lot of women wear them for that reason, I wear them pretty much all the time because I think they are the most comfortable thing to wear

What Guys Said 3

  • I like classy women, not sluts. Yoga pants worn for any purpose except yoga are slutty,

  • I don't like leggings they look horrible.

  • I think women shouldn't wear leggings/yoga ants in public, just imo