What does it really mean when your veins stick out?

I am a small guy that goes to the gym like everyday I used to run and stuff id say I'm very healthy, my heart beats 48-54 times a minute I'm 5'9 about 140 in weight, I have been going to the gym and recently have started to notice a few more veins sticking out here and there. I already had them in my arms but I'm starting to get one on each side of my chest right below my collar bone and I got one on both sides of my lower stomach and today I noticed one sticking out on my top left ab, what does this mean? I've been told several a things,

1. Low body fat

2. Spider veins or whatever

3. Because my muscles are expanding causing my veins to push out a little more

Explain please? Thanks :) (hopefully the last one though)


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  • Yes, the lack of fat and expansion of muscles will push veins more to the surface; they'll be a lot more visible. And they may also be larger.

    All that is very healthy! Congratulations!

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      Thanks :)

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      BTW what is the meaning of Swagged Out?