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What does it really mean when your veins stick out?

I am a small guy that goes to the gym like everyday I used to run and stuff id say I'm very healthy, my heart beats 48-54 times a minute I'm 5'9... Show More

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  • Yes, the lack of fat and expansion of muscles will push veins more to the surface; they'll be a lot more visible. And they may also be larger. All that is very healthy! Congratulations!

    • Thanks :)

    • BTW what is the meaning of Swagged Out?

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What Girls Said 6

  • Skinny people and old people tend to have their veins sticking out.a reaction to gravity? You're aging. lol.

  • It means your blood is pumping strong, I think if you were to stop working out and be sedentary it would go away.

  • That you are not fat

  • its nothing bad imo.

  • nothing

  • You have one of the hottest bodies on GAG. I swear I thought you had a girlfriend by now ahahah.

    • Thanks updated my pics for you check them out :)

What Guys Said 4

  • I get them too when I work out. You're blood is flowing well and you have low body fat.

  • Besides low body fat your veins stick out (especially on your hands) as another method of your body cooling itself.

    • Oh wow I didn't know that, that must be why they stick out when I'm hot lol thanks :)

  • I agree with everyone's answers. A lot of it has to do with body fat and vascularity. You may notice more vains showing post work since more blood is streaming.

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