Which of these models do you think is the prettiest?

They're all of different nationalities but I think they're all gorgeous, I saw them in a list of the worlds most beautiful models, so which do you think is the *most* beautiful, pretty, hot, or whatever? And why?

Bar Refaeli- Israel link

Song Hye Kyo- South Korea link

Emily DiDonato- America link

Joan Smalls- Puerto Rico link

Doutzen Kroes- Netherlands link

  • Bar Refaeli
    26% (18)29% (20)27% (38)Vote
  • Song Hye Kyo
    20% (14)19% (13)19% (27)Vote
  • Emily DiDonato
    31% (22)29% (20)30% (42)Vote
  • Joan Smalls
    10% (7)6% (4)8% (11)Vote
  • Doutzen Kroes
    13% (9)17% (12)16% (21)Vote
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Okay, so since some people don't like the modeling pics, here are some of these ladies while they're NOT modeling, looking a little more natural, like everyday women.

Bar- link link

Song- link link

Emily- link link

Joan- link link

Doutzen- link link


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  • 1. It is relatively easy to a knowledgeable photographer to make these women - or any women - look gorgeous on photos, even without photoshop or makeup, because photography is a matter of choosing a particular projection of a 3D object onto a 2D medium.

    So one has to look at a lot of shots, esp. videos and snapshots / paparazzi shots, to see what these women actually look like in person.

    Emily DiDonato, I would say, is the closest approximation of the Western ideal of beauty.

    Bar Rafaeli, an otherwise top contender, isn't helped by her slightly low cheekbones, shape of the eyes and gums, and a slightly masculine face.

    Doutzen Kroes: a very wide jawline and a plain-jane face. Take away fame, hype, hair/makeup, retouching and you'll see that in a major US city you can routinely pass by 5-10 girls looking like that and not even turn your head.

    Joan Smalls: to me this girl is a younger and much, much, much less spoiled drop-in replacement for a Naomi Campbell. Pretty in her own right but see what I said about Doutzen

    Song Hye Kyo: I can't judge her beauty as I am not attuned to the Asian standards of beauty (she looks very similar to me to dozens of other Asian models) and I am vehemently against as photographer to judge non-Caucasian talent based on how Caucasian they look - which is what a lot of people seem to be doing.


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  • I like Joan and Doutzen the best. :-D

  • I choose Doutzen Kroes, she is better looking than the rest of them, but none of them I would consider hott or my dream girl. I am very rarely attracted to fake, made up model types.porn stars or actresses. I prefer normal, average looking all natural women that are cute and don't have to do fake things to "make them look better". To me, it makes them look worse.

    • Of course, that's understandable. I think most men would probably prefer natural, average, everyday women. I was just curious about how real people view these models.

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    • Well thank you, I'll take that as a compliment:) haha

    • Good, you better. ;-) Because that is how I attended it.

  • unfair. only the first one showed "skin" below the neck, so that gets disproportionately higher consideration.

    But, looking at just the faces I'm going to go with C. Then E, A, and B/D is a toss-up.

  • They're all been blandified with technology and god - awful make up. The only one who looks somewhat interesting is the Korean one, so I'll go for her on the basis of the pictures.

  • Going with Bar on this one. Nice to see that Doutzen is doing well, but as far as models go I'm not that big of a fan of her to be honest.

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  • Bar Refaeli.

  • bar refaeli. she is gorgeous.

    • that korean lady's jawline has a jawline just like my ex

      i like it link

    • oops mistake I got too excited

    • I think she's very pretty. I don't know why people who said her name are getting down voted. But I think all of them are gorgeous.

      Not sure what you meant by your second comment though. Lol

  • Joan Smalls & Song Hye Kyo. Both are extremely beautiful & different looking. Is it just me or do the other 3 look like the exact same person? BORING.

  • I have had a crush on Emily for about a year. I love her lips and eyes and perfect skin.

    Recently I looked at Bar and she really is a beautiful woman.

    I say Song Hye Kyo is the most attractive then Emily and Bar are tied. Then Doutzen and Joan.

    That being said they are all physically attractive.

    I like how nice Bar looks and how sweet Song Hye Kyo is in her image search.

    Doutzen looks easy going and Joan is simply fierce :) (I love her look)

  • Emily DiDonato

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