How to talk to girls?

what are some things to say to start a friendly conversation with girls to keep them talking


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  • Anything you want! Girls are people haha, you can just talk to us like we're normal. No need to be intimidated. :) If you see she has a hobby/something she likes (like if you see her reading a popular book, or buying a toy for her dog, or practicing her singing), definitely ask her about that. We'll talk about our interests for as long as you'll let us.

    For example, if a guy wanted to get me talking endlessly, he could ask me any of these questions:

    - Is that a picture of your horse? What was he like?

    - Do you play Pokemon? (that's literally all he'd need to say haha)

    - You're a fan of My Little Pony? Who's your favorite pony?

    - What kind of dog do you think I should get? (Yes, dogs are a hobby lol.)

    • "Do you play Pokemon?"

      *wonders what would happen if I asked a girl this at a bar* hmmmm

    • Ahahaha!

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  • Be yourself. Think like your talking to one of your friends.

  • Pretend they are ugly or a guy and just talk lol

    • Some times conversations go sometimes they don't

  • well you can start off a conversation with hey you wait till she replies and ask what her name is then you obviously say your name and nice to meet you then you just randomly talk about something its that easy just don't over think it and go for it

  • Just try compliments and if she gets antsy refer it to your relitive eg hi I love your sweater that color is great on you, my sister had one just like it. Then change the conversation again.

  • Don't over think it, just be yourself

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