How to talk to girls?

what are some things to say to start a friendly conversation with girls to keep them talking


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  • Anything you want! Girls are people haha, you can just talk to us like we're normal. No need to be intimidated. :) If you see she has a hobby/something she likes (like if you see her reading a popular book, or buying a toy for her dog, or practicing her singing), definitely ask her about that. We'll talk about our interests for as long as you'll let us.

    For example, if a guy wanted to get me talking endlessly, he could ask me any of these questions:

    - Is that a picture of your horse? What was he like?

    - Do you play Pokemon? (that's literally all he'd need to say haha)

    - You're a fan of My Little Pony? Who's your favorite pony?

    - What kind of dog do you think I should get? (Yes, dogs are a hobby lol.)

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      "Do you play Pokemon?"

      *wonders what would happen if I asked a girl this at a bar* hmmmm

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