Do you keep an emergency stash of money?

In talking with my friends I'm at times shocked at how badly they manage money. I have an account that I never ever access that has enough money to pay for 3 months rent and food so that I never really have to worry. Anyone else like this?

I've never been a big spender, my boss usually has to tell me to go cash my paychecks because I forget and the bank is usually closed by the time I get off work.


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  • You're one of the smart ones!

    I see that commercial where the girl is looking at a purse & asks her insurance agent how much her double check saved her "about $150 he replies" Done, she buys the purse.

    I thought how about saving that $150 for emergencies.

    • I never understood those commercials. they just promote spending. I can't imagine spending $150 on a purse. If I see something like that, I make a note and then if I still want it the next time I go shopping I think about it then (like a new dress or something, not a purse LOL).

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  • I don't really have the funds for it; but this summer I've started purposely trying to "hide" away some money to be used for emergencies or things to be replaced or paying a bill or something similar.

    I do have several bank accounts, which I'm good at not frivolously spending money from them. I try to save what I can.

  • naw I don't, wish I did though I've got one savings thing that I'm holding to buy a little boat though XP

    • Nice. I do have a "want" fund account (yeah... 4 bank accounts LOL), for my horse. If I didn't have her, I'd probably never be broke LOL.

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    • LOL, 20 but I've been on my own for the most part since I was 17. Had to learn to make ends meet. My parents gave me my initial emergency fund and I'm happy that I've never had to use it yet.

    • yeah... but I'm at a military school and not allowed to work.

  • I love spending money but I have enough money that I don't need to worry. At least when it comes to my spending habbits I have fairly good controll on knowing when to spend and how much I need to save.

    I have the willpower to not spend everything in my bank account the only problem is I have expensive taste so I don't allow myself to buy everything I see.

    I wish I had more friends like you because everyone I know understands I'm the person they need to go to if they need to borrow some cash.

    • I think the most I've borrowed was $30 when we went out somewhere and the place wouldn't accept cash. Paid it back the next morning. I hate owing people money. I will spend money on quality but not fancy.

    • sounds pretty much the same as me. if I owe anyone money I pay it back ASAP.

      I like both quiality and fancy but only if I like it not if it's in style or season.

  • Under optimal conditions, yes.

  • I think her natural self was way prettier

    • Sorry wrong question. I do keep a tash of money

  • Hell yeah I do. My parents do as well. My dad has a duffle bag with enough money to last a year, enough guns and ammo to ward off intruders for awhile stashed in a place that no one can get to but him. Only a matter of time until the big spending machine loses control of everything and America collapses.

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    • I've heard talk about the agenda from the one I heard Canada, USA, and South America are going to murge into one and have the same currency.

      I found that out by clicking on random YouTube videos. some weird and even sick theories out there.

    • Yeah well too many people are getting "educated" off of weird and sick theory videos on Youtube and Facebook these days unfortunately. No one takes time to educated themselves on who we elect for office and turn to social media and who their friends are voting for, and roll on a bandwagon. Obama is a communist and has been since his youth. Look at his mentors, look at the groups he was in during college, and his alliances now. New World Order is right around the corner unfortunately.

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  • I have a stash that's good for 3 months as well. I also like to collect the change from any purchases I've made and when I've accumulated a jar's worth, I'll deposit most of it into savings.

    • I have a jar too, only mine is for books, so every now and then I let myself buy a book with the change in the jar.

  • I do. I have savings that I try to never touch. And I have a vacation fund I put money in every payday. My parents raised me to save money and showed me how to save money. I think lots of people our age don't know how to really save money.

    • I fully agree. My friends laughed at me when I signed up to do a personal finance class this fall. But everyone that I know that's taken it says it was the best class they ever took and it should be mandatory.

  • Yes you never know when it may come handy

  • Yes, some mad money for bad days

  • Keep up the good habit!

    I'm not a big spender myself but when it comes to party times or the things that I really need to spend my money on. I'm all for it though.

  • i just graduated college and have only ever had part time jobs so I really don't have much; I have a savings account that I don't touch with a few hundred dollars and a retirement fund with a couple thousand. when I get a full time job, hopefully soon, I definitely will put a majority of my paychecks into savings. very smart thing to do.