Do you keep an emergency stash of money?

In talking with my friends I'm at times shocked at how badly they manage money. I have an account that I never ever access that has enough money to pay for 3 months rent and food so that I never really have to worry. Anyone else like this?

I've never been a big spender, my boss usually has to tell me to go cash my paychecks because I forget and the bank is usually closed by the time I get off work.


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  • You're one of the smart ones!

    I see that commercial where the girl is looking at a purse & asks her insurance agent how much her double check saved her "about $150 he replies" Done, she buys the purse.

    I thought how about saving that $150 for emergencies.

    • I never understood those commercials. they just promote spending. I can't imagine spending $150 on a purse. If I see something like that, I make a note and then if I still want it the next time I go shopping I think about it then (like a new dress or something, not a purse LOL).

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  • I don't really have the funds for it; but this summer I've started purposely trying to "hide" away some money to be used for emergencies or things to be replaced or paying a bill or something similar.

    I do have several bank accounts, which I'm good at not frivolously spending money from them. I try to save what I can.

  • naw I don't, wish I did though I've got one savings thing that I'm holding to buy a little boat though XP

    • Nice. I do have a "want" fund account (yeah... 4 bank accounts LOL), for my horse. If I didn't have her, I'd probably never be broke LOL.

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    • LOL, 20 but I've been on my own for the most part since I was 17. Had to learn to make ends meet. My parents gave me my initial emergency fund and I'm happy that I've never had to use it yet.

    • yeah... but I'm at a military school and not allowed to work.

  • I love spending money but I have enough money that I don't need to worry. At least when it comes to my spending habbits I have fairly good controll on knowing when to spend and how much I need to save.

    I have the willpower to not spend everything in my bank account the only problem is I have expensive taste so I don't allow myself to buy everything I see.

    I wish I had more friends like you because everyone I know understands I'm the person they need to go to if they need to borrow some cash.

    • I think the most I've borrowed was $30 when we went out somewhere and the place wouldn't accept cash. Paid it back the next morning. I hate owing people money. I will spend money on quality but not fancy.

    • sounds pretty much the same as me. if I owe anyone money I pay it back ASAP.

      I like both quiality and fancy but only if I like it not if it's in style or season.

  • Under optimal conditions, yes.

  • I think her natural self was way prettier

    • Sorry wrong question. I do keep a tash of money

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  • I have a stash that's good for 3 months as well. I also like to collect the change from any purchases I've made and when I've accumulated a jar's worth, I'll deposit most of it into savings.

    • I have a jar too, only mine is for books, so every now and then I let myself buy a book with the change in the jar.

  • I do. I have savings that I try to never touch. And I have a vacation fund I put money in every payday. My parents raised me to save money and showed me how to save money. I think lots of people our age don't know how to really save money.

    • I fully agree. My friends laughed at me when I signed up to do a personal finance class this fall. But everyone that I know that's taken it says it was the best class they ever took and it should be mandatory.

  • Yes you never know when it may come handy

  • Yes, some mad money for bad days

  • Keep up the good habit!

    I'm not a big spender myself but when it comes to party times or the things that I really need to spend my money on. I'm all for it though.

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