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Urgent! Is he acting interested!!?

Him :Hey:) how are you Me : Fine :) do you know who this is? Him: Yeah it's ( my name ) from school :) Me :How'd you know? Him: I saved your... Show More

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  • It just sounds like a generic convo! I don't think texting can show if people are interested when they are this early in the conversation. Focus more on making it obvious that you are interested, and seeing how he reacts. And just be ballsy and I dunno, ask him to hang out.

    Be like: Oh you don't usually text back? It's because I'm pretty huh ;) jk, but lets hang soon, I hate how summer makes me lose contact with my friends!

    • sometimes, I feel so weird, why us as human so easily become so stupid because of love. I hate being fall in love, made me so stupid, and my iq drop 50 points. I am so smart person, but when I like someone, I become so dumb, I can't think clearly. we are stupid that make us don't realize that other person doesn't have same feeling, but in your mind keep defense it. I want I can control my mind and myself and don't become stupid.

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