Have you ever tried coconut oil as a lube?

I've read that coconut oil is a good lube for your skin. I already tried it in my vag, butt and hole body and really feels great. I lube my vag and butt before put my dress on going commando and the breeze feels amazing with your parts lubed 'cause the air cools a little bit more than usual. Besides coconut oil helps you avoid yeast infections. So using it is a win win. Lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • The best lube ever. Like a special secret. And you can cook up a very tasty coconut curry rice with it also. Some do not realize it because at store temperature it looks solid. Above 80F it is sexy smoothe lube of the gods. And of course skin temp is above that. And all for about $6 US at a decent store for 16 oz. enough for months of getting your freak on.