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Have you ever tried coconut oil as a lube?

I've read that coconut oil is a good lube for your skin. I already tried it in my vag, butt and hole body and really feels great. I lube my vag and... Show More

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  • The best lube ever. Like a special secret. And you can cook up a very tasty coconut curry rice with it also. Some do not realize it because at store temperature it looks solid. Above 80F it is sexy smoothe lube of the gods. And of course skin temp is above that. And all for about $6 US at a decent store for 16 oz. enough for months of getting your freak on.

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What Guys Said 5

  • Yes, though I don't lube myself up before heading out for the day.

    • It's not really lubing, but like some kind of oil to smooth your skin everywhere. And it feels nice.

  • I use it, but I use it for cooking. It's great stuff. link

  • It's my favorite lube. But I also use it to make popcorn (different container, I swear) so now I get hungry during sex.

    • How about thinking the other way. When you use it for sex you smell coconut, and when you go to the beach, or on vacation, or even to the supermarket and you smell coconut aroma in the sun tans you will always remember when you were using coconut oil for sex or for lubing your inner parts. Lol

  • then how would it benefit a man using it? we don't get yeast infections...I suppose it would be good to use for sex, as a lube but we wouldn't need it on our body or whatever. is it really that good of a lube? I've always just used synthetic lubes, they work fine

What Girls Said 4

  • Lol no for my hair ya but I don't like how it feels. I never go commando wouldn't the oil stain clothes?

  • No but I want to try it now!

    • wow really..is the meaning of lube not meant to ease vag access?

    • You should. Just put some in the palm of your hand and rub both hands. It instantly melts and that way you can put it wherever you want in your body. Your skin will look brilliant and wet. So if you put it in your vag and butt you'll feel slippery in there and that's the most amazing sensation you can imagine. And if besides that you wear immediately after a dress going commando you'll feel the breeze like if its touching you in there. Believe me that's awesome and hot.

    • Hmmm sounds good where can I buy that?

  • I use it, but not for sex because it erodes condoms.

    • Only the latex ones.

    • what other choice is there?

  • Never heard of using that. Where do you get it?

    • There are some pages from doctors and specially from some brands of coconut oil. Besides are some people who have made some research about it and have uploaded it to the web.

    • Grocery store, health food store. It's a solid or a liquid at room temperature. Good for high heat frying and a lot of other things.

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