What does it mean when a girl says she cares about you alot?

I told her how I feel about her... that I care about her a lot.

She said she cares about me too... more than she should.

She told me she has strong feelings for me.

What does this mean? Why did she say "More than she should"?


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  • When women say "more than I should" it's a way of saying "I really like you but I've been hurt several times in the past and I'm too afraid that I'll end up hurt once more." It doesn't mean that she doesn't want to like you, but she is trying to be cautious about how deep she falls because she's afraid of getting hurt. So if you truly care about her "a lot" then make sure to acknowledge her fear and tell her that you don't want to hurt her but that you won't jump into something serious too soon if she isn't ready. Hope I helped!

    Best of luck! (:

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      Ya... I get that from her. I think she's afraid for whatever reason.

      I told her I am lost at the moment with what is happening between us and she feels the same. When she got jealous and went ape sh*t over my "relationship" with her female friend. She told me she never reacted in such a way before and just upset that I'm close to her friend.

      When she messages me and I don't respond, she gets very worried and upset.

      I do care about her... she means the World to me. :((

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      She's just jealous. That's a good sign. If a female is jealous that means she cares about you. So don't take it the wrong way! :D Just continue to communicate with her and see where things go from here! (: