Why are women inferior to men?

Why do women, 51 percent of the population, make up 5 percent (at most) of the individuals who actually create anything?

Don't tell me about the exceptions. I know about them. Don't say it was because women are an oppressed class. This might be true, but why did women let themselves become "an oppressed class" if they did not in some way deserve to be one?

The average woman of the 1900s (that got dominated by men) knew that she was an inferior type of human and did not want her status to change. Obviously they would not have suffered such low status throughout the centuries if they had not deserved to.

So why are they inferior? Is it genetic? Are they afraid of conflict and skeptical of change?

best answer (by an anonymous FEMALE user):

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i apologize to every female out there! as you can see females are superior!


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  • I attended an offshore technology conference last week, and it was a show exhibiting oil, gas, shipping, and energy technology from 2,400 companies (OTC 2009). No more than 10% of the attendees were women. Professionals in the business from around the world attended; 65,000 people attended.

    I find it embarrassing that almost the entire energy industry in the united states has no more than 10% women participating in that particular workforce. Women are noticeably absent, and I find it embarrassing for women.

    • My god is this really the best answer you could find?

      valentin87, there's a thing called leeching when people ask questions. They asks a question and are only open to here a certain answer. If you have already determined what you want to hear, then don't ask if you don't like other opinions.

    • I hate the stereotype that women have created for themselves - especially on this post. Child raising is not a woman-only job! The father should also play his role in that arduous task. And child raising should not be the only job that a woman ever does! Women should stop making excuses for having no career ambitions. A smart woman will marry a man who will encourage her to follow her career dreams, and he will help her with the household so that she can make time for herself.

    • Are women just expecting to be the only ones who cook, clean, and raise the children? It's as if women expect to have lazy worthless husbands who absolutely will not help with housekeeping and child raising. Unfortunately that story is true for many women, but it does not have to be. A woman does not have to settle for a lifetime of housework. A woman can be just as ambitious as a man if she wants to be. It's unfortunate that women prefer to settle for less.

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  • It's culture.

    Although not as common, in some societies, women are seen as the head of the household. There are tribes that value a woman over a man; a woman chooses her husband, and then the husband lives with her family. The women make all the decisions for the whole community, while the men just have slight influence over matters. As I've said, it all comes down to culture.

    You either learn to accept the way things are, or you go against them. Most people don't like causing trouble. So sure, women have been fighting for rights for centuries, but it's been a small percentage of them. It may have gone unnoticed, but it doesn't mean that they didn't try.

    Our culture has been influenced by what we've grown up with in society, religion, etc. Thankfully, we can say that the early to mid 1900's idea of women has changed for the better, but it hasn't been that long of a time since that era of our history. One can say the same about slavery; we don't have slaves anymore, but racism still exists today. At least most of us now realize that racism is wrong.

    For some time now, more women have been getting out into the work force, but we don't see the same amount of men beginning to work in the home. Society still has a few chains that haven't broken away from the past yet. Many women still leave their jobs in order to raise their families instead of sticking around to get that promotion. But it doesn't mean that women are inferior. In fact, I think that it is humbling when a woman gives up her career for her family. It isn't a 9 to 5 job...It is 24/7 work with no pay. I don't see many men willing to do that. (There are exceptions, I know a few stay-at-home dads.)

    Your point about men doing everything important in society is slightly misguided. Is not raising children an achievement? Sure, more men have had influential accomplishments, but it is only because women were not respected enough to be given the chance. Throughout history many women tried to lead their own lives, but instead were forced into marriage by their fathers, were not given the proper lessons or schooling to hone their talents, or were not allowed the freedom to make a difference or to voice an opinion. There are still such problems around the world.

    I can only agree that men are, generally, physically stronger than women.

    But if a male is superior to a female solely because of strength, I could say that a black man is superior to a white man because it has been proved that, on average, he is physically stronger than a Caucasian male. But then one could say that most politicians are white, therefore, they hold more power and must be superior to minorities. Debate is endless in such topics. But I digress.

    Even if men are better than women in some instances, women are better than men in others; it all depends on the situation. Both genders were blessed with similar and different abilities. Our culture might hold some abilities higher than others, but all should be valued equally.

    • Impressive answer! finally a woman that is able to defend herself in a mature way. I really appreciate it.

    • Most excellent answer. Beautifully said.

      *standing ovation*

    • Not to be rude but what societies?

      sounds like the amazons

  • i am taking a sociology course and my professor and the textbook blame this on the fact that women are obviously birth-bearing. It takes a lot of energy, both emotional and physical for a woman to givee birth and mother not only her children, but husband (in a way), family, and household...and this becomes an obstacle in her educational, money and power ambitions...

    if you think about it, women are always stuck and tied between role-playing of an independent successful woman with a powerful career and then being a mom, wife, or housewife, life-giver...and in most cases, women choose to do what nature intended them to do, be a mom, because that serves as their priority.

    • Oh, and I am NOT agreeing with your statement that women are inferior, I am just providing you with a sociological perspective on the topic of gender racism....i actully think women and men are equal, they are just different....

    • "and my professor and the textbook blame this on the fact that women are obviously birth-bearing." even your prof admits that women are inferior. just accept it. thanks.

    • He doesn't admit it, he's using the textbook and teaching us straight from that, which doesn't claim women are inferior, its just describing the gender racism that exists in the world...cant deny it doesn't exist, but doesn't prove or disprove women are inferior or not...

  • 1. where did you get your statistics, are they from a credible source or a mal figured census or just made up stats?

    2. paragraph1 and 2 are huge biased statements

    3. re. 3rd paragraph---since when? I own guys on a lot of thing , I kick guys asses and sometimes even sport when it comes to school so no! lol

    because there is no reference to your statistics or your claims so not true.

    furthermore, do you know what genetics is? is there a gene to be likely more 'oppressed'? lol. that's a really silly suggestion, especially fromsomeone who has no scientific background.

    • You kick guys asses? lol, you must be kidding. what do you mean??

      "because there is no reference to your statistics or your claims so not true." why are all powerful politicians men? why are all important persons in history men? why do men earn more money? why is almost every invention made by men? why are males dominant in every single sport?

      "is there a gene to be likely more 'oppressed'?" lol, I hope not. so what do you think is the reaseon why women got and some still get oppressed?

  • If I were you, I'd expect to get torn apart on this question. We are NOT inferior...we are just different.

    I'll tell you one thing...I am NOT afraid of conflict nor do I not like change. I'm an Army wife...I have to be used to change and be ready for it. And conflict...I see so much of that in my life as an Army wife it's not even funny.

    Women make up less than 5% of the individuals who create things?!? We create children in our uteras'! How is that NOT creating something? And, to top it off, we give BIRTH to that child. Oh, but we don't create anything. What about the home? Women who stay home with the kids, or even work, take care of the home as well. They give it their own special something to make it "their home". But oh, that's not creating anything.

    I, personally, don't mind a man being dominant. My husband is dominant in our relationship. I like the fact that he goes to work, and wants to care for me and such. But, that doesn't mean I don't know how to take care of myself. I worked and paid my own bills and apartment and car for the first two years I had a job. I did it without help from a male.

    Dude, you've got it all wrong. Women are NOT inferior. It makes you a pig to say such a sexist remark. I will never, ever put down the male race because we need each other. Without the other, humanity would cease to exist. You NEED women, and we NEED men. So maybe you should be a little more thankful we are here instead of putting us down.

    • I never said we don't need women. I just said you were inferior. look, you are an army wife. I don't respect you because of that. I respect your man. you are just a wife, he's a soldier. who is superior, the man that defends people or the woman that stays at home?

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    • I wouldn't expect you to understand. You have NO idea how hard us spouses have it. Yeah, those in the military have it harder than anyone, but you have NO idea the emotional and physical and mental difficulties we have to go through. I contribute JUST as much as he does. I CAN'T work due to a disability that does NOT make me inferior! I take care of the home, the yard, the dogs, and will the kids when we have them and I cook. If I didn't do all that, he'd have to HIRE someone to do it!

    • If it weren't for me, he'd have NO support. His family and friends don't support what he does. He's told me over and over again he'd rather do his job than have to do mine. That's coming FROM a Soldier himself! So don't you DARE judge what life in the military is like until you've had to live it!

  • hmmm you like controversy don't you? We actully are inferior, that's the sad thing. I think it stems from the caveman days (lol) because men always did the hard work while women stayed at home, therefore men earned the right to have more authority and respect. When it has been looked at realistically though, it can be seen that,actually, men and women are equal in capability but each have specific areas of which they are stronger at. Men are physically stronger but women are emotionally stronger and have been proven to have a better immune system in the past week! We\are not truly inferior just simply not been given a chance. But I think women are gaining back some superiority and hopeful one day we will all be equal... maybe one day women may rule the world!

    • Women are emotionally stronger? are you serious? females cry all the time. they cry whil watching a love flick, they cry because they don't get the shoes they want.... and so on. men are under psychological pressure all the time. do you think a soldier would cry while watching a love flick? hmmm... I don't think so.

    • Youd be surprised! But many women are, I know women who have been through hell in their life but are still the nicest, strongest least bitter people possible and are virtually unmarked by horrific ordeals that they go through. We may cry at petty things, but when you look at it from a wider view, you have to admit, women can be very strong emotionally and psychologically.

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    Women are different, not "inferior"

    • Question reported "offending"

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    • I read the Q, put it aside as a college boy writing a stupidity, then I looked closer...

      http://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/valentin87 :-#

    • Jacquesvol I love you

  • They aren't. They are just different.

    Men occupy the extremes of society. We constitute the most creative, wealthy, and productive citizens. We also constitute the dumbest, poorest, and laziest members of society.

    Women Are closed to the center of that curve. Think of two bell curves: Men cover more of a range, the extremes of which go farther out that the female bell curve. However the female curve is stacked more in the center. So while there are not so many innovators among women, there are a hell of a lot less financially destitute, lazy, criminal, and/or stupid among them.

    Can't say which group could be considered 'better' based on that, honestly.

  • In this day and age we are living in what's called a "stalled revolution":

    Women have been entering the workforce in much higher numbers since the mid 1960s, but men haven't been equally helping out around the home. Girls are also encouraged to be more social growing up than they were in the beginning of the 1900s and boys haven't started helping out at home as much. So to say that women are inferior really isn't fair, in my opinion.

    If you take hunters and gatherers (yeah, go way back) you have two people doing what seems comes naturally to them. There's no problem. Now the find other people develop some kind of community and the women are held as gatherers - were they inferior in that situation? or just never given a chance to to hunt? or did they get taken advantage of way back when and our communication skills were not well developed enough so that they could express what was fair?

    That I don't know the answer to but I do know if you keep a person away from the rest of society, like in a house, they're not going to have the same view on the world as someone who goes out. And maybe at some point they're going to get taken advantage of. Let's fats forward to show someone abusing their power: King henry the eighth - had how many wives? lol, like 6? just to have a male heir to the throne, and who got it? Queen Elizabeth? c' mon, who's inferior? she only has a whole era named after her.

    Now fast forward to the 1900s, it wasn't until the 1970s when the laws that established the difference between Political model of abuse (kind of like coercive control/persuasion mixed with struggle to gain power over resources) vs a Domestic model of abuse (emotional and physical abuse amongst spouses) were created. Then what happened? Women started to become more independent and fight for equal rights so you tell me? It also may be different pending where you live and the history and everything else associated with it, but I just think you have to look at more of the individuals involved in certain situations.

    • You are a clever guy. do you know why no girl reacted to my question this way? they only told me to f*** myself so far. that's not really a surprise (defence mechanism of women to protect their ego).

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    • Oh and then if you think of this question and to ask it years from now looking back on a more individualistic society or duel earner and not on so much as a breadwinner home-maker (the difference from 1900-1960 to something like1960-2009 or even later) there's gonna be different results.

      And there's also a girl volleyball duo that is really dominant in the sport world. Misty may and Kerri Walsh. They went something like 110-0-0 including playoff and tournaments in the summer a few years back.

    • And 110 wins is pretty amazing to me. I watched a special on 'em on espn a while back about their record, and those girls are definitely competitors.

  • We have no say on this really.

    It's nature.

    I don't ask why fish can breathe under water and we can't lol. It's just like that.

    But in most cases it's a combination of the following; inferior physique (when it comes to "provide and protect" Women are naturally weaker then men, thus have to cling on a stronger person to be able to survive which for example explains why women are attracted to muscled men or men with good jobs) and second, their emotions make it harder for them to make rational decisions.

    Whilst men often think about their actions in far more sober way women often goes with "what feels right".

    Especially in the crime world this is evident; women get so full of guilt that they often turn themselves in or are at least acting suspicious because they can't keep a hold of their emotions whilst men think more rational.

    You can't really say that they are inferior because they have been oppressed; they were always like that and because of that had to cling on to superior powers that could get them trough alive (alpha males) and this clingy role made/makes it obsolete for them to learn to work or do anything themselves.

    Also, I wouldn't really say their inferior, both sexes have cons and pro's.

    We all know all the cons women have but look at us men;

    When theirs a conflict we have to go in heads first to protect what's ours (cuz if you don't you'll lose status and respect) whilst women can just sit back and relax whilst we are getting bruised up in fights.

    Also, we usually need to work more and provide for more then just ourselves (most families live of the income of the male) and in case of divorce etc have very little to say about the children etc whilst still paying for the majority of their cost.

    Not to mention that only men get drafted in times of war.

    In most cases people expect us to stand up and take charge of the situation and even though we don't feel like it we have to do it, just because we're men

  • I wouldn't say inferior but I would say society is built on rewarding male traits.

    An example is if Warren Buffet " was born in a village in India, his quantitative skills wouldn't have got him far in life..."

    In addition remember most women have to take time out of their career to have a baby, raise children etc. When its normally the time one is expected to work hard and get promoted.

    ie most people get promoted at around 30s which is ultimately the time most women have or raise a family.

    I guess my point is in is not inferiority per se but the ability for society to reward female traits.

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