Why are women inferior to men?

Why do women, 51 percent of the population, make up 5 percent (at most) of the individuals who actually create anything?

Don't tell me about the exceptions. I know about them. Don't say it was because women are an oppressed class. This might be true, but why did women let themselves become "an oppressed class" if they did not in some way deserve to be one?

The average woman of the 1900s (that got dominated by men) knew that she was an inferior type of human and did not want her status to change. Obviously they would not have suffered such low status throughout the centuries if they had not deserved to.

So why are they inferior? Is it genetic? Are they afraid of conflict and skeptical of change?

best answer (by an anonymous FEMALE user):

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  • I attended an offshore technology conference last week, and it was a show exhibiting oil, gas, shipping, and energy technology from 2,400 companies (OTC 2009). No more than 10% of the attendees were women. Professionals in the business from around the world attended; 65,000 people attended.

    I find it embarrassing that almost the entire energy industry in the united states has no more than 10% women participating in that particular workforce. Women are noticeably absent, and I find it embarrassing for women.

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      My god is this really the best answer you could find?

      valentin87, there's a thing called leeching when people ask questions. They asks a question and are only open to here a certain answer. If you have already determined what you want to hear, then don't ask if you don't like other opinions.

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      I hate the stereotype that women have created for themselves - especially on this post. Child raising is not a woman-only job! The father should also play his role in that arduous task. And child raising should not be the only job that a woman ever does! Women should stop making excuses for having no career ambitions. A smart woman will marry a man who will encourage her to follow her career dreams, and he will help her with the household so that she can make time for herself.

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      Are women just expecting to be the only ones who cook, clean, and raise the children? It's as if women expect to have lazy worthless husbands who absolutely will not help with housekeeping and child raising. Unfortunately that story is true for many women, but it does not have to be. A woman does not have to settle for a lifetime of housework. A woman can be just as ambitious as a man if she wants to be. It's unfortunate that women prefer to settle for less.