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Commando in yoga pants?

Do you ever go commando (without panties) in yoga pants? If you do, why do you go without? Do you ever get cameltoes (and if you do, do you worry... Show More

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  • I always go commando with yoga pants and with leggings. I like the feeling of the breeze going through the fabric to your body. Besides no matter you're going commando or not when wearing yoga pants and leggings, guys will always be staring at your rear and front ends. And as long as you have a nice round and firm butt you'll always look great in yoga pants and leggings going commando. Is something about self confidence. Lol

    • Thanks for ba

What Guys Said 11

  • oOoOoh where is the HAWT pix of u in yoga panties at? :O

  • i don't really even like the look of yoga pants I wish women would be creative and dress stylishly...

  • I honestly think its somewhat hotter to see a thong panty line under yoga pants. It peaks some interest as to what's hiding underneath. But with or without, if the body looks good in them, I like to see them. I am however slightly confused as to how it would be considered "trashy" to go out in them. I have little knowledge in fashion but I fail to see the difference in wearing leggings or yoga pants in a casual setting, and yet leggings aren't considered trashy? If me and my girl are lounging around the house and decide to hit up the mall for a bit, I don't really see how her keeping the yoga pants on would be trashy. From what she says they're very comfortable so why not? I don't dress up to go out for a casual day, why should she? But that's just my opinion based on my ignorance into the fashion world.

  • yeeep :) I prefer.. its so cool.. I think girls who commando have more self-confidence than others.. I just feel that please don't judge me..

    • I agree with the self confidence part, but what do I know I'm just a guy lol

    • :)

  • Honestly... they can go in commando in everything hahah. It's a turn on for me, I guess because its not a 'norm' thing so its hot to imagine. So yeah I would like that.

    • haha, yeah, not sure any case where a guy would complain a(n attractive) girl is not wearing any panties.

    • Unless he was gay...hahah

  • I would say if a woman is wearing yoga pants or leggings or whatever tight type things like that, yes absolutely go commando. I know people always talk smack about cameltoe, but it is so sexy. I mean seriously everyone loves vagina. So go for it ladies, flaunt your cameltoe!

  • Oh my god--a girl with a great ass going commando in yoga pants is an awesome, awesome thing!

  • I would prefer the girl to wear underwear. Commando looks good from behind but bad at the front.

  • that's just the way it is

  • your gonna get a cameltoe ;)

  • as long as she's not wearing them as pants

What Girls Said 19

  • I've done it sometimes.

  • Sometimes..

    If I'm just planning on lazing about...

    Or if I'm getting dressed in a super hurry (someone at door.. garbage truck next door and stuff isn't out yet)

    • yeah.. we have these things called tampons...

  • I will go commando sometimes, I love the freeness of it.

  • Not good. Extra coverage such as wearing underwear will save you embarrassment.

  • No I like underwear with yoga pant but not with sweat pants.

  • I don't see why I should worry about a possible camel toe. I go commando all the time.

  • I always wear underwear if I am going out somewhere. When I am chilling around my place I never wear underwear. I wear guy boxers and looser fitting pajama bottoms to bed. I seriously advise going against not wearing underwear with yoga pants. Since yoga pants are tight fitting it can cause some major issues if you sweat down there. You will end up at your gyno with some issues...trust me. Some of mine have caused cameltoe and that does suck but it depends on how bad it is. I tiny bit of one seems kind of unavoidable to me and I think it is the pervs that have made that such an issue. Not wearing underwear can make that situation way worse though.

  • Sometimes commando - When running.

    The other times, it's with a thong.

  • I wear underwear when I do wear yoga pants. Its more sanitary. When I sit down I have an extra cottony barrier between my lady parts from whatever disgusting germ ridden things I may sit down on. People can always tell when you're commando in yoga pants. I don't wish to attract perverts who will look at my camel toe and ass. That kind of attention doesn't make me feel good about myself. I don't even wear thongs under yoga pants. Usually something with a lot of coverage like boyshorts.

    • You're really stupid

  • no, I don't like the feeling of wearing no underwear

  • Why is everyone who said yes getting down voted?

  • i do sometimes. just because it's more comfortable. I don't get cameltoes though, I guess because I never wear tight enough pants for them to do that

  • link

    heres a cool video all about yoga pants being trendy or trashy. The verdict is...if your working out their fine, if your wearing them as an outfit its trashy. Panties or thongs are ok; commando is trashy.

  • no, that's not sanitary, I see it all the time and it looks trashy because everyone can tell that your not wearing underwear.

    Thats especially gross if your actually going to do yoga; its like working out and sweating without undies ew, not to mention our natural self cleaning flora that comes out, where does that go if your not wearing panties.

    The whole point of panties is to protect your vag from the elements.

  • They're the only kind of pants that are comfortable enough to not wear underwear, so of course I take advantage of that lol. Also, panty lines are almost guaranteed with yoga pants and no one likes those. I don't get camel toes, but they do make my mound look very pronounced. That happens with or without underwear though.

  • I don't even own a pair of yoga pants but if I were to wear them I wouldn't go commando. I see that mess all the time at my college and it looks trashy. They even do it with leggings which is worse because leggings are always a bit see-through. Its easy to tell when a girl has gone commando because the fabric goes between their ass crack and the outline of their vag is visible. Its usually the girls with the ugly shaped bodies who do this too.

  • Nothing wrong with not wearing undies with them.

  • I go commando always.

    • me too, it is so nice to have a little breeze. i even do it in college. even with a skirt sometimes. no one knows it so it is i little horny secret for me :)

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