My boyfriend has never said that I'm beautiful or sexy. When I said this to him he said, "you're cute."

Shouldn't he think that I'm beautiful? Does he think I'll get a swelled head if he tells me I'm beautiful? To him I should be.

He's told me I'm very pretty and everything about me is cute.


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  • Personally, cute is a very high compliment coming from me. When used to judge pure physical attractiveness, it's higher than hot or sexy, and on par with beautiful. Only words like stunning and gorgeous are higher on my scale. But cute doesn't just encompass physical attractiveness, when I say a girl is cute, it often means that not only are they physically attractive, but also that they have the kind of personality I like in a girl. In those cases, cute is perhaps my highest compliment.


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  • Seriously...what is it with some girls and the word cute lol? They like to use it on other people (particularly guys), but its always an issue when someone uses it to describe them xD

    • Not an issue so much as my boyfriend's refusal to use any other word. I actually like the word.

  • How long have you known him?

    • We've were friends first; dating for a year.

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    • I think he thinks he's beyond superficial matters such as looks.

    • Then you've answered your own question.

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  • Next time he says that.. Say " I prefer beautiful" say it with humor and a big smile.. Then drop it.

  • I've just broken up with my boyfriend, and this was one of the many reasons. He would constantly take the mick out of me, OK I can take a joke. But very rarely would tell me I looked beautiful or sexy, so I didn't feel cherished at all, howver he would state how he thought actresses or singers were stunning and how much he would like to sleep with them. I got fed up and walked.

    He should be cherishing you, and telling you how beautiful you look, otherwise what is the point in him going out with you?