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Do you like girls who wear fitted baseball caps?

It is total curiosity! I am not certain as to why men love girls in baseball caps. Please give me any sort of commentary as to why you personally... Show More

  • Vote B I like a girl who is more feminine
  • Vote C It depends on the situation.

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  • i think your talking about snapbacks...and they look stupid and I have no idea why my generation has this necessity to wear baseball caps in all directions to show gang affiliation and sh*t...

    i might be biased tho I live in an area where a certain color baseball cap means your in a certain gang and can only go in certain neighborhoods...

    • no I am referring to fitted baseball caps

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    • A fitted is the same as a snapback the only difference, is one snaps to your size one size fits all...And one you have to buy in your size 7 3/8. Snapbacks are popular now, fitteds were the only thing worn in the early 2000s/tall tee era. I like and wear both... \

    • yea okay that's what I figured... I wonder why the QA didn't answer tht...? but thank you for clearing up any possible misconceptions...

What Guys Said 29

  • They can look good. Best on sporty girls.

  • Especially if she has a pony tail, it is cute to me lol.

  • i never understood the purpose of a hat, so no

  • A girl wearing one with a pony tail sure looks very cute as well as attractive - to me :D

  • Fitted caps not so much. But I have a huge fetish for women in those undershirt baseball shirts (the ones that are white everywhere except the collar and the sleeves. OMFG.).

  • Honestly I think hats are stupid on anyone. They don't have a practical value and just seem totally unnecessary.

    • Huh, I've never heard anyone feel this way about hats. You would of hated the 50's man, everyone had to wear a hat lol.

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    • lol your dislike for hats is surprising. Somewhere, there's a newsboy cap weeping :-P

    • LOL, I'm sorry I broke its heart. =P

  • It' a cute look, it fits some girls.

  • Yeah, I can't call it, but for some reason that look does it for me. Especially with pigtails. Obviously don't wear it to the club or out to dinner, but if we're just hanging out on a rando afternoon it's a cute look.

  • I see them differently, and I think Tennis caps are 10 times hotter... specially with a medium to long pony coming put from the hole at te back.

  • It just looks hot and shows she's into sports which I love.

  • I rarely see girls wearing any hat. I don't think it does anything for you.

    Glad you brought this up actually. Is it me or do women have a complicated relationship with hats? It's like a dude holding his wife's purse, you just stick out like a sore thumb. It doesn't look good or bad.

    Here's a few hats women look odd in.

    -Casual Fedora chick at a swanky bar. Usually very attractive yet I can't stop staring at the hat she's wearing. Close cousin of girl wearing Kangool hat.

    -Trashy frayed straw cowboy hat. Ugh, don't know where to begin with that one.

    and finally

    -Girl wearing fitted Ball cap (occasionally). Will usually wear it a game or when she doesn't do her hair.

    -Other girl wearing Ball cap (everyday). Usually a fan of the ladies or is part of her McD's uniform.

  • It depends, a girl can definitely look cute in a fitted hat it really depends on the outfit and what she looks like lol.

  • I do not like girls in baseball hats at all. Specially when they think they look "sporty" but really aren't.

  • I vote "C" it depends on the situtation and it depends on the girl who's wearing the cap.

  • I don't like the stupid ones with flat bills and dumb designs on them (like Elmo or some dumb crap) but a trucker hat, camo hat or a team hat is pretty hot. My favorite by far is the a trucker hat and aviators lol. I'm not sure why but I'm a sucker for it.

    • fitted caps

  • Usually no... its not ugly and a pretty girl is pretty no matter what, but it looks worse than just having nice hair IMO. I don't know anyone who likes/loves/prefers a girls in a baseball cap over just nice hair or a girlie style type hat/headwear. Maybe because a sports cap is not stylish outside of a sports event or Facebook Self pose.. In the tri-state area this opinion generally seems mutual. I don't think it looks down to earth... A bent brim cap either reminds me of a late 30's women usually pink with a team logo and bent (I don't like that at all) or a jogger/at the gym... but that's non-fitted. I like headwear, but maybe being from the city, a non bent fitted cap is often taken as G'd up, which isn't popular anymore and not really taken serious in pubic, just random FB selfie pics it can look good sometimes... where do you get the idea that men love it?

  • Put it on, along with a casual dress, pantyhose and sporty shoes.

    That's the way I like it. It is Feminine, yet sporty.

  • Girls wearing caps?

    It can be pretty cute, especially with a ponytail. Look at Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5, she wears a baseball cap.

    It's just adorable. Sporty, etc.

  • never noticed it to be honest.

  • They look attractive and sexy sometimes wearing baseball caps.

  • I like when she wears one when we go to a game since it's only fitting to wear one to a game. I would not want her wearing one to a formal event because it's not proper. I think baseball hats on girls are cute when they put their hair in a ponytail for it.

  • A baseball cap and chewing gum is an horrible combination (unless there's a really hot sun.)

  • Actually, the non-fitted ones tend to look better on girls because they can do the pony-tail out the back of the hat thing.

    If you're going to rock something fitted, make it a fitted shirt! ;-)

  • It's fine by me. I'm fine with just about anything girls wear, as long as it isn't slutty looking.

  • all depends on the girl and how it looks on her

  • For the most part no. I know girls who wear hats all the time. I have no problem if they wear a baseball cap on occasion.

  • Some girls can look really good with fitted baseball caps. However, girls can easy look too "street" or "ghetto" with baseball caps.

  • A girl with a baseball cap on seems fun, sporty and down-to-earth. It conveys that she's ready for anything and not worried about getting dirty in the process. Basically, the tomboy look. Something about tomboys makes them seem exciting, like they may share some of the same interests that the guys do and play sports with them, etc., while still being a girl whom you may secretly want to kiss later on. ;) Who wouldn't like a friend that you can hang out with all day and cuddle with on the couch at night? ;)

    Not to say anything against girly-girls or other girl types, however. Each is hot in their own way, in my opinion!

What Girls Said 4

  • I think it depends on the girl and the situation.

    For example, it would be best worn for outdoor or sporting activities. I get kind of annoyed when I see people (especially girls, but guys too) wear baseball caps in class.

    Also it depends on how she looks in hats. I cannot rock a hat to save my life. When I go to baseball games and the like, I wear a baseball cap backwards and very loosely. If I wear it normally it will look funny with my face. But then there are some girls who look better in hats than without hats and they could probably pull it off all the time.

  • Why the caps lock, and exclamation points for the yes option?

  • I love baseball caps. they look so cool.

    Charming girls are not only those well dressed like the lady, sporty girls are also attractive.

    • I agree, In most cases I'd prefer a sporty girl. I like girls that know how to dress up and look their best but on a day to day basis, a girl in some jeans and a hat is amazing lol

  • At a baseball game, yeah

    Otherwise, it looks rather mannish but a lot of ladies can pull it off.

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