Do you like girls who wear fitted baseball caps?

It is total curiosity!

I am not certain as to why men love girls in baseball caps. Please give me any sort of commentary as to why you personally like it :)

  • Vote B I like a girl who is more feminine
  • Vote C It depends on the situation.
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  • i think your talking about snapbacks...and they look stupid and I have no idea why my generation has this necessity to wear baseball caps in all directions to show gang affiliation and sh*t...

    i might be biased tho I live in an area where a certain color baseball cap means your in a certain gang and can only go in certain neighborhoods...

    • no I am referring to fitted baseball caps

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    • A fitted is the same as a snapback the only difference, is one snaps to your size one size fits all...And one you have to buy in your size 7 3/8. Snapbacks are popular now, fitteds were the only thing worn in the early 2000s/tall tee era. I like and wear both... \

    • yea okay that's what I figured... I wonder why the QA didn't answer tht...? but thank you for clearing up any possible misconceptions...