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What to wear in Southern CA in September?

Hey! I'm figuring out my wardrobe for a trip to southern CA this September and I need outfit ideas! I haven't been to CA in years and have no clue... Show More

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  • San Diego Weather in September

    Average High Temperature: 76°F/24°C

    Average Low Temperature: 65°F/18°C

    Rain & Clouds Index: 0.15 inches (0.4 cm) rain, 69% sunshine

    What to Pack, What to Wear in September

    Pack a mid-weight jacket, especially for evening near the water. Bring short-sleeved shirts and lightweight pants, with a sweater for layering, shorts too.

  • I don't know how serious you'll take guys answers because girls are more likely to give you better answers but I would just say wear what you feel the most comfortable in. The good thing about sunny southern California is that it stays pretty much the same temperature year round so if you live in a climate that has the same climate, you could just bring all clothes you normally wear

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