Do girls do it for an ego boost?

On Plenty Of Fish, do girls just sign up for an ego boost? I mean the only girls that respond or reply are the really unattractive obese type girls. Every other girl is either average or decent looking, they are not like they are smoking hot with the exception of a few. None of them ever respond. Or maybe is it that I'm just exceptionally ugly?


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  • I'm sure some do. There are girls who are most likely hooked on the attention they get to the point where they'd rather just come home to a bunch of "you are beautiful" messages then get into a relationship. Funny part is when I'd meet certain girls off the site, they'd "complain" about getting 30-50 messages in a day but would be smiling at the same time. They're bragging but they don't realize it. I had a girl "complaining" to me about how a guy was stalking her job, but she didn't realize to me that she was bragging with her tone of voice. Then she'd take a phone call and be bragging to her friend that she's on a date. So I kissed her on the cheek at the end and she got offended. She was expecting me to just keep paying attention to her all night.

    Most girls treat it like another Facebook. I've met girls off of different websites and they usually have something that makes me say "That's why she's on this..." Even the girls with decent photos you need to watch out for because they can be taken in a way that hides their excess weight. I avoid messaging face only photos too because it means they're hiding excess weight too.

    I would say their number one issue is being way too picky though. That's a very common complaint. They have unrealistic expectations and you can usually tell from their profiles. Some have checklists at the end that must be met to be considered and they're almost always materialistic.

    There's also women who are married but list single on it. So they can't meet unless they are able to figure out how to not let their husband know. It's not just the men doing this.

    Oh and yes the unattractive girls are probably doomed. The problem is they do exactly what unattractive guys do and message good looking people when they clearly have no chance with them. They also send "hi" messages and other dumb nonsense.

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      I figured I was just wasting my time on this site. As for the unattractive girls they could look good if they just took care of themselves, but they don't and eat garbage.

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      I've met a few of those. It makes me glad I only do simple things like coffee for the first date. I remember one who pulled off an overhead photoshot to hide her love handles. She ended up being a complete chatterbox narcissist who would not shut up. I was lucky enough to cut her off and her yapping forever. It was like the more she talked about herself, the more attracted to me she got. It was freaky.

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      that's so true . girls love to brag especially pretty ones . I'd personally prefer having guys keep on giving me compliments 24/7 instead of being in a relationship . I dunnu . that's just me