Do girls do it for an ego boost?

On Plenty Of Fish, do girls just sign up for an ego boost? I mean the only girls that respond or reply are the really unattractive obese type girls. Every other girl is either average or decent looking, they are not like they are smoking hot with the exception of a few. None of them ever respond. Or maybe is it that I'm just exceptionally ugly?


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  • I'm sure some do. There are girls who are most likely hooked on the attention they get to the point where they'd rather just come home to a bunch of "you are beautiful" messages then get into a relationship. Funny part is when I'd meet certain girls off the site, they'd "complain" about getting 30-50 messages in a day but would be smiling at the same time. They're bragging but they don't realize it. I had a girl "complaining" to me about how a guy was stalking her job, but she didn't realize to me that she was bragging with her tone of voice. Then she'd take a phone call and be bragging to her friend that she's on a date. So I kissed her on the cheek at the end and she got offended. She was expecting me to just keep paying attention to her all night.

    Most girls treat it like another Facebook. I've met girls off of different websites and they usually have something that makes me say "That's why she's on this..." Even the girls with decent photos you need to watch out for because they can be taken in a way that hides their excess weight. I avoid messaging face only photos too because it means they're hiding excess weight too.

    I would say their number one issue is being way too picky though. That's a very common complaint. They have unrealistic expectations and you can usually tell from their profiles. Some have checklists at the end that must be met to be considered and they're almost always materialistic.

    There's also women who are married but list single on it. So they can't meet unless they are able to figure out how to not let their husband know. It's not just the men doing this.

    Oh and yes the unattractive girls are probably doomed. The problem is they do exactly what unattractive guys do and message good looking people when they clearly have no chance with them. They also send "hi" messages and other dumb nonsense.

    • I figured I was just wasting my time on this site. As for the unattractive girls they could look good if they just took care of themselves, but they don't and eat garbage.

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    • I've met a few of those. It makes me glad I only do simple things like coffee for the first date. I remember one who pulled off an overhead photoshot to hide her love handles. She ended up being a complete chatterbox narcissist who would not shut up. I was lucky enough to cut her off and her yapping forever. It was like the more she talked about herself, the more attracted to me she got. It was freaky.

    • that's so true . girls love to brag especially pretty ones . I'd personally prefer having guys keep on giving me compliments 24/7 instead of being in a relationship . I dunnu . that's just me

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  • I heard a lot of people say they do it for an ego boost (of course this was online that they made this confession) I have a profile on there but I can't find any quality guys. It seems they are all younger than me and have settled down by now. I never thought there would be a time limit on me finding a husband.

    • Maybe you just didn't give a guy a chance. How would you know unless you talk ti any of them?

    • by quality she means perfect looking hollywood models

    • @ mantobee, you're probably right!

  • I did it once, not to try to find somoene but to see what kind of guys are on their. If their are some attractive guys who are just not going out to clubs and all , or if their were just ugly creepers. I fount one guy I liked and we dated for a bit, but he turned out to be a player. Most of the guys on their are super creepy and pervy in every way.

    • I'm not a perv or a creep, and I am not a player neither

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    • pof is a joke. I belive meeting peeps in real life is the way to go

    • True it kinda is. I just tried it cause in my line of work i’m around hot guys all the time but their all d***s. And no one goes to a club to possiably find a nice girl, ya know? It was kinda like an experiment lol. Definitely didn’t turn out good, I wouldn’t recomend it to anyone.

  • The hot/decent/average girls probably find a guy immediately or they get inundated with so many inapproprite/annoying messages that they just stop using their accounts and just ignore them instead of deleting them. The girls who are unattractive are the ones who can't actually find dates so they respond and send messages out.

    • So why keep the account open?

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    • They eat because they're fat and they're fat because they eat. It's a self fulfilling prophecy for those girls. Fat Bastard from Austin Powers was the same way. They just can't stop so they get bigger and bigger

    • No, its pretty much what they eat

  • This is more what guys do.

    • I cannot speak for other guys. I can only speak for myself, and for myself I am serious about finding somebody that has meaning

    • Guys are lucky if they get 2-3 messages a month so that makes no sense.

    • One just responded, she was good looking. She goes to an art institute, so I messaged her my thoughts of art. I never said anything inappropriate, her reply? that I'am a creep. I don't know what I did to deserve that, but I'am starting to really believe women are so ridiculously shallow that it is starting to disgust me!

  • I totally do. I signed up on OKC just to read any compliments I may get, but in reality, I don't wanna meet anyone. Call me insecure haha.

    I know I can meet plenty of guys in real life, I have plenty of options, so why bother going online?

  • Not me personally. I will only respond to a guy if I feel physically attracted to him or like his personality.

    • So then I'm screwed? Because no girl ever replies.

  • I think that you will always run into some people online or in person that are looking for attention or an ego boost as you say it. Some girls I would think would be real.

  • Put up a picture then we can judge, I guess you have to be quite a catch in order for a girl to respond. Is your profile readable? and you don't write in text talk?

    • You cannot tell if somebody is quite a catch by just a few paragraphs of words. If you are referring to looks, then their is no point of posting a picture as I know I'm not what's considered a catch!

  • I had an online profile a long time ago. If I got 50 messages, I would only respond to maybe 5-10. I just didn't like the other guys who messaged me. They didn't make the cut.

    • What was the cut?

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    • I never take with any sexual tension in my messages. I'm not a robot and I try to be original with every girl. So is it that I am just that ugly? because no girl looks at my profile or replies to my messages ever.

    • Dude, no one can say your ugly or not being that you don't have a pic posted. Give it a rest!

  • I done that once

    • Why?

    • Because I love attention. I'm use to getting it to. But I was having off days, for like a couple days and made one. Then deleted it

    • So you care what people think of you the. I kind of think that is pathetic, no offence. Why not just rty to find one guy that likes you for you?

  • I wouldn't think so.


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  • I have found that most women, hot or not, tend to go on sites like those because they're not getting the attention they want in real life. Once they get what they want (from the right kind of guy), they leave and look for love where you're supposed real life

  • It wouldn't surprise me

  • The problem is that many women go to POF for a reason. It's often (but not always) because they had a failed relationship, or the guys they met in real life were jerks to them. Or they had a fight with their boyfriend and they want to get even by finding a new guy.

  • I used to go to some Facebook-like social network and just play the girls there for an ego boost or a quick date, so I guess it is not just girls.

  • Online dating is tricky. You gotta stand out from the rest. It's all about coming off as fun and interesting.

  • Some do.

    A little uncool thing I will admit I did: Once I signed up for OKCupid and listed myself as gay just so a bunch of dudes would message me. I got like 10+ messages a day, it made me feel special. Just imagine how a straight girl feels when she can do that

    • It kind of makes me think that the whole system is so messed up that guys do not get equal attention as women do. They really messed up our society where girls dump on you in person, so a guy has to try finding a girl online because his feelings feels safer, but they just ignore him there.

    • It's been backwards for me. I have winked at girls on Match or sent an email and they don't respond. I've crossed paths with 3-4 girls that didn't give me attention online, and they either smile or start a conversation in person. They were unaware I even contacted them online and a little embarassed, so I just leave them with that cause it'd be awkward from then on anyway.

      I think they get so many messages that they can't keep track of the ones that might actually catch their interest.

    • You might be right.

  • probably because the hot girls are out of your league.