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How to drink while hungover...

So here's the thing...normally I would say f*** drinking while hung over, but today is my 21st birthday. A bunch of friends talked me into going out... Show More

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  • Easy. Eat some absorbent foods like bread and rice. Have a shot of olive oil or have a salad heavy in olive oil. The oil will coat the stomach and the bread and rice will help absorb alcohol.

    Always drink the hard stuff first then beer later if you feel like it. I'd chill on mixed drinks Vodka and whateverthef***youlike.

What Guys Said 6

  • put the bottle to your lips simple as that. maybe eat something greasy, burger or pizza perhaps? or just don't drink if you feel sick

  • Stay hydrated with water/Gatorade and have fun!

  • Have a bloody mary and 2 extra strength excedrin. Some greasy food and a nap.

  • if you drink while hung over you get more hung over right so don't do that

  • Sounds like a rough birthday to me. You already partied... If you feel like you're going to puke, you're probably going to blow chunks tonight if you keep at it.

What Girls Said 4

  • By not drinking so much at one time and having food with it

  • Nobody said you had to drink. If its going to make you sick, then don't. You can party sober. If you do decide to drink, eat good high carb food (greasy food) and drink lots of water. For every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water.

    Sounds like a rough time to me. Then again, I quite drinking more than one or 2 drinks a night a long time ago. The hangovers don't make it worth drinking more.

  • I didn't drink on my 21st and still had fun... I smoked a ton of weed instead.. LOL

  • Drink some water and don't drink too fast.

    Let the drink settle in your symptom before you order another drink.

    That way you're allowing your body to react to the beverage that

    you have put in your body.

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