Am I destined to die alone, worthless and a loser?

i am unattractive, hence pathetic , creepy , loser . I'm not funny or charismatic and I've never had a real interaction with a girl ( mostly because they ignore me )

will I grow old a loser like I am now ?

PS : I only talk to girls I don't find attractive


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  • hate how girls are allowed to play the victim but not guys

    • Bitch please, you boys play the victim all the time "I'm nice but no girl wants to f*** me"

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  • You're not pathetic but you're not confident in your own skin either. None of us are perfect but we have to learn to live with it. Like K├ámbo said use this as your fuel to be something better. What you're labelled use it as your motivation to become what they want you to be. Go to fitness clubs, get fitter, make a six pack, some muscles. Dress different to what you do, get fashionable clothing,read up on how to approach women etc

    Ask your friends for advice, hang out at clubs

    • my friends tell me to" suck it up , and live life single , its better " and they all girlfriends , which they refuse to set me up on dates with her friends . I am fit , I go to the gym but I refuse to get a six pack , its unhealthy and I won't get anything to eat that I like

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    • between over 400 girls , at least one can be nice + I'm almost 30

    • I'm 18 never dated I don't care I'm too busy getting good exam results. There's more to life tbh

  • If you maintain such low self esteem, yes you will! Looks really only account to a small percentage of who we are. They're only good for first impressions, that's it! Now, I'm certain you're NOT a loser! You spelt the word charismatic correctly. So what if spell check corrected it for you, at least you knew what it meant well enough to use it in a sentence, lol. Stop worrying about your negatives because we all have them. Yet nobody is gonna be interested if that's what we're focusing on. Show you're good qualities and don't say you don't have any because we ALL have those too. Find yours and bring them out so others can notice them! Most importantly, CONFIDENCE is the key! Things are never what we think but what we believe. And you can believe there's someone out there somewhere who's uglier than you! So if you have teeth, be thankful! Things could always be worse! Smile now and get out there and knock em dead!

    • the only good quality I have is being a good swimmer , and that won't attract girls , especially with better looking guys there too . 400+ rejections

  • The answer to your question is completely up to you. I highly doubt you are as bad as you say, your self-esteem is currently at an all time low and so you are in an ever ending spiral of self-criticism and loathing. Trust me, been there, done that and it sucks. Do you know what changed all attitude.

    Start saying how good you are. List on a piece of paper all things that are good about you. What do you think other guys are offering women that you can't ay? Nothing. The difference between you and that guy you see getting all the girls is a brilliant act of confidence. If you think you're brilliant, so will everyone else.

    My brother used to say the same as you, he found his wife when he was 30 years old and hasn't looked back since.

    Number one, get out there. Go to as many things as you can, join as many clubs as you can. Get an active and varied lifestyle and start to enjoy yourself. What do you really like doing? Find out and go do it. Life is too short for us all to sit around moping and hoping someone is going to come a long. She is out there for you, waiting, and you need to go and get her.

    You say girls ignore you, well ignore them back they aren't worth your time. You're acting as if you are inferior to them, well you're not. You are a human being too damn it!

    Now come on get a bit in fight in you, find that girl, and she will realize she has something special.

    I can guarantee you will look back on this question one day and say to yourself 'what the hell was I thinking'. Good luck :)

    • they offer a better exterior . Saying how good I am knowing that I'm only saying it to force myself to feel better won't work , I've tried . Girls can get any guy they want , they are damn well superior to me and most guys . How can I ignore girls that don't like me when I can't even find one that does

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    • Aw dear, you sound like you have been hurt by a girl or it has been a combination of hurtful events that has led to your way of thinking, and I am sorry for that. Girls can be nasty when they want to be, and coming from a girl who was bullied by other girls for years, I know best of all. I have been out with a guy I was really attracted and a guy who I wasn't overly attracted to and guess what they both treated me like crap. What I'm trying to say is isn't about looks, the personality is.

    • well because of my looks , girls won't give me a chance to show any type of personality

  • Nobody knows what your future will look like. But I do know that feeling sorry for yourself won't help at all.

  • yes,person I don't know,even though I don't know you and I can't see into the future,i'm already certain you'll always be a ''loser''.

    • Wow...bitch much!

    • and how am I supposed to answer to an anon question about being ugly and being forever alone?

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  • You have two choices:

    1 - Accept the words and title of pathetic loser that people label on you.

    2 - Take their words of insult, and use it as burning fuel to reach to something higher. Get richer, get buffer, many things you can do to ascend.

    Your weakness is a choice, and you can bury your head and let it overtake you, or you can overcome it. Either way, don't expect any sympathy from women, myself, or society.

  • Looks like you've already decided...

    • women decided not to give less than average guys a chance

  • Kambo is right. Women will smash you, if you show weakness. If you project confidence, no matter how ugly you are, women will almost instinctively try to impress you.

    • i always see feminine guys with girlfriends

    • Do you see those guys getting dumped by their girlfriends/wives? 'Cause I do.