Why do some girls act so disrespectful and mean to guys they like?

A certain girl is the most PMS'y, rude, and disrespectful girl I've ever met. She's like Helga from "Hey Arnold". She even told me she hated me and wished I'd kill myself, completely unprovoked. I just ignore her so she doesn't have any reason to act like that. I really don't like being around her. I've even heard her complain about me...A LOT!

I can tell she has a crush on me 'cause she looks away really fast if I catch her looking, shakes if I'm sitting next to her, sits up straight and smiles when I enter the room, and makes a big stink when I go out and meet women. But if guys tell me I should go for her, she sits up all straight and gets all giggly and smiley.

Someone might say "she doesn't know how to act", but since when does "she doesn't know how to act" = her telling me she wished I'd kill myself. I'm very respectful, but this is the first time I've been tempted to slap a woman (not that I'd do it, it's just a pleasure fantasizing about it).

I obviously ignore her. But why would a girl act that crazy around guys they like? It seems like she's trying to get back at me for something, but I didn't do a thing to her. Or is she just blinded by emotion and acting out 'cause she can't think straight? Does she sound like she has mental problems, for being in college and acting like that?


Most Helpful Girl

  • She is either super anxious around you and doesn't know how to deal with it or is simply immature. It may be her way of flirting with you.