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Why do some girls act so disrespectful and mean to guys they like?

A certain girl is the most PMS'y, rude, and disrespectful girl I've ever met. She's like Helga from "Hey Arnold". She even told me she hated me and... Show More

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  • She is either super anxious around you and doesn't know how to deal with it or is simply immature. It may be her way of flirting with you.

What Girls Said 4

  • Some girls take it to an extreme but maybe it's a defense mechanism to see how much the guy really likes her

  • Mental problems. She's just obnoxious and likes attention.

  • She sounds either really immature or like a very toxic person...quite frankly I would move onto someone else and fast

What Guys Said 2

  • Oh, she has reasons for acting like this. She probably treats all guys this way; it could be she had bad experiences when she was younger. She's taking out her frustrations on you for what other guys have said/done years ago.

  • I had a few girls to this to me in the past as well. She is just really immature and needs to grow up. Don't sweat it dude.

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