Do you think in the new site theyll have more of a rewards choice?

Ok so I've seen a few rewards choices and I got to thinking they should have paypal gift cards as one of the choices, I think that would be kinda cool. Also What do you guys think should be in the rewards choices on this site?


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  • I do think its a possibility. I think they should bring the itunes gift cards back if they can.

    • your bffl is talking about you up therrr

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    • It's not everyone. =) Just a couple guys led by one. Don't worry about it haha.

    • Good to know :)

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  • Paypal would be great, but I'm fine with Amazon.

  • I like the Amazon ones as they are, and I'd be happy enough if they brought itunes ones back... Although I'm not that fussed, can't really complain when it's essentially money for nothing.

  • I think the reward system is great and it attracts many new users, as far as the choices goes, I think it's pretty good. I have used the amazon cards to buy children games for the family tablet, so I'm a happy member with the choices they have now.

  • im glad they did this. I lvoe girls ask guys so much

  • I just hope they implement:

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  • Maybe change the animal welfare donation to WH Smith or a bookstore card. Or a clothing store gift card wouldn't be bad but I'm happy with the Amazon gift card

    • I like the Amazon gift card as well but I thought about the paypal thing tho because its popular thing now

    • Some people don't have PayPal tho

    • True.

  • All I care about is netflix