Straight guys, how do or how would you react to a gay guy hitting on you?

So my boyfriend just started a new job recently. A few days ago, after he got off work he told me about a guy that he works with that likes him. Apparently my boyfriend had bent down to tie his shoe and he had his phone sitting on the counter. The guy comes up and grabs his phone, goes on my boyfriends Facebook account and adds himself.My boyfriend later denied the request and blocked him. My boyfriend said he was completely shocked and didn't know how to react. Then another day, the guy tried to touch my boyfriends butt. My boyfriend said that the guy kept walking behind him while his hand kept getting closer to him. My boyfriend also said that whenever he has to talk to the guy, the guy only looks at his lips and licks his own. My boyfriend said he feels violated and he also said that if the guy touches him, he's going to punch him in the mouth. But before anything gets out of hand, he's going to go talk to his manager about it since they have a strict "no touching" policy.

Would you guys react the same? If no, how would you react?


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  • Been there. I worked with my fare share of the fairer shade of men. Tell you're boyfriend to stand up for himself and tell the guy off. I wouldn't recommend going to the manager.

    I know a verbal confrontation isn't the politically correct thing to do and everything but no one likes someone who can't handle their sh*t. I've never seen anyone who had to have their manager fix a problem with a work relationship ascend in a company.

    I'd approach him after work and set some ground rules and of course the consequences of braking them.

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  • Even though I support gay rights, I have been hit on by other guys and, no matter how subtle the flirting was, I always felt very uncomfortable. And I have been in similar situations and reacted even worse than he did. So I'd say your boyfriend's reaction was normal.

  • This is not just "being hit on." This is direct harassment. He's clearly crossing the line. I know good gay people but most of the gay people I hear about are just way over the line with situations just like this. They'll stalk and follow people through stores, immediately look to get sexual, and clearly have no clue on where to draw the line.

    I've experimented with homosexuality and do not like it myself. Honestly, most homosexuals I hear about are just creepy in the ways they hit on people and are oblivious to how they conduct themselves and come off like a predatory individual. People tell me they sell stuff on craigslist and get emails from people wanting to suck their d***. Someone please explain how selling something equates to wanting a blowjob from some random dude.

  • No one likes to be harassed at work, doesn't matter who it is. I think the gay guy isn't flirting with him, but teasing or even adult bullying him, because he sees how uncomfortable it is making your boyfriend.

    I think I would have reacted the same, good thing he went to his manager first before socking him, lol or at least giving him the heads up if it does happen.

  • I don't mind a gay guy lookin at my ass, so long as he does it from across the street.

  • He's not hitting on your boyfriend, he's harassing him, just short of sexually assaulting him even. I'm sure most women would react with great repulsion if treated like this by anyone.

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  • You can help him out by showing up and kissing your boyfriend. Most gay guys will stop once they know there's no chance.