Feeling worthless after leaving the army

I just got out less than 2 weeks ago and now I'm living with my parents doing nothing. I'm going to check out a trade school on Monday. I want to get a job but I don't know if it would interfere with school so I'm stuck doing nothing until I start school which could in a month or few months depending on how often they start the program I want to do. I'm feeling like I'm less of a person since I got out and I want to be on my own already. I shouldn't be in my parents house at 23 (IMO). idk, I know things take time (like getting into college and whatever), but I want to DO SOMETHING NOW. I just feel like I'm nothing. I mean I get 4 more paychecks from the army but after that I'm on my own. and on top of that, all the people I knew before I went off to the army are gone from here so all I have my family to hangout with and talk to. can someone make me feel a little better about this :(


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  • It's a hard transition to re-integrate into society after being in the military. Don't feel worthless at all, considering you made an incredible sacrifice for your (unappreciative) president Obama and your (appreciative) country of the United States. You're only 23, and have a lot of time ahead of you so don't worry at all. Check out those trade schools and absolutely set yourself up to live whatever of the American dream is left to the fullest. Thank you for your service.

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      thanks, I didn't think it'd feel like this to get out. have to get used to being a civilian again.

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      Join a VFW too