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What does it mean to have feelings for someone?

I have never really understood what this actually meant.Not that anyone has really had feelings for me I'm curious lol.

My opinion of having feelings for someone is you're falling in love with them but I want different terms.

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  • You feel like they are your entire life, you can not stop thinking about them even when they are not around they are on the center of your mind. You also know because you would be willing to do things for them or with them that you wouldn't with just anyone.

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  • I have only ever crushed on girls, never actually developed anything past that. guess I really don't know what I want, so I haven't found it.

  • I would want to understand more about the person, and want to involve the person in my life. I start thinking about a future when we will be together, and she starts becoming more important in your life that you feel lost if she wasn't there anymore.

  • It means they have a crush and immense care for them.

  • I think it's just when you like somebody in a romantic way... but it's one of those things where everyone has their own definition. Just like how you can't define "love" as being the same for everyone

  • Oh man it must suck to have feelings for someone and have them unreturned. Never has happened to me. Since I'm so gorgeous, intelligent, and suave I often have multiple women developing feelings for me. I find it hard to develop feelings for inferior American women.

  • To be in love with them to have compassion for them infatuation etc.

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  • Having feelings for someone hurts a lot, my advice is don't get attached to anyone. F***and ditch.

    • Too late :(

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