Are there any guys that prefer short hair?

Guys seem to prefer women with long hair. Do women seem less feminine to you if they choose to have their hair short? Is it a turn off? Are there any guys that actually prefer a woman with short hair?

I go through phases of having long or short hair. Guys always seem disappointed when I cut it all off.


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  • Short hair is very sexy. It makes the lady look more mature and elegant IMO. Keep your short hair. You're looking great.

    • Thanks for BA! :)

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  • A fair number of guys (me included) like bobs. I only know one guy who really likes shorter then that.

    Its absolutely masculine to have shorter hair. You will notice that the majority of women who people say 'pull off' having really short hair are waifs. They are really delicate and 'feminine' not even in a curvy but in a 'small and weak' way so even a tougher more masculine haircut leaves them -overall- seeming very delicate. The guy I know who likes pixie cuts also likes women who are tiny.

    Generally I'd say the bigger a woman is, the longer the hair she needs before guys will start thinking 'eehhhhh'. And its not simply a 'smaller is better' thing - its that the overall balance of their frame and hair leaving a final impression.

    I'll also note that shorter then bob length is a bad idea for women who don't wear makeup frequently. If you don't want to look like a man, man-short hair is your one 'non-feminine' thing that everything else needs to offset.

    • So, based on my profile pic, you think I look masculine then?

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    • I go through phases with my hair length. I've had super long, medium, bob and short. This is the shortest its ever been though.

    • Do you have a picture with a bob we could compare - that's if you actually want input. You don't HAVE to please us obviously, you can wear your hair as you like it and either people like it or they don't and that's their problem!

  • It depends on how the rest of the woman looks like. Some women can look better with short hair. The hair in your profile picture looks very good. You just have to experiment and see whether short hair suits you or not. And don't forget to style it. Just because it's short doesn't mean you don't have to take care of it.

  • I think it depends on how short and the style. Honestly, I prefer medium to long hair, the type that's long enough to put in a bun or pony tail.

    My honest opinion though? You shouldn't be worried about what other people think. This is a personal preference. While I like longer hair, a guy that comments after me could love it. Plus, hair is always temporary. I.E. while you have short hair now, only 2 months from now you'll be back to medium at least.

  • depends on the womans face...does it look good with the shape of her face

  • I like long hair but Amber rose rocks short hair and Morena Baccarin kinda hair is nice as well

  • I prefer short hair to long hair any day, in a woman--in any woman. Short hair is exceedingly sexy.

  • Yes it looks less feminine and a turn off for me. I don't know there must be some guys that like short hair? I really don't think short hair looks good on women at all.

  • To me, it all depends on the woman. Totally subjective

  • I'm sure there are plenty that like short hair, though I think more guys like longer hair. I personally prefer longer hair.

  • A bob is about as short as it can go and still be attractive to me.

    • Does it just seem too masculine if it's any shorter than a bob?

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  • a few months ago I randomly cut my hair into a bob and got a positive reaction. My hair used to be a little passed midback, so it was a drastic change.

    • I had mine mid back and then had it all chopped off. I can't even tuck it behind my ears. It'74 much easier for me, being a busy mum and all, to just keep it short:)

    • *It's

    • i was happy with mine for a while, and now I miss putting it up :(

      I can't wait to grow it out so I can cut it agian lol.

  • short hair looks great on you, dear :)