What do you think of girls with buzz cuts or a shaved head?




and, does anyone know a website that lets you see what you would look like bald?

  • Gorgeous
    14% (12)18% (13)16% (25)Vote
  • Edgy
    28% (24)10% (7)20% (31)Vote
  • Horrible
    24% (21)40% (29)32% (50)Vote
  • Um.. no.. why?
    19% (16)21% (15)20% (31)Vote
  • Onions
    15% (13)11% (8)12% (21)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hair doesn't hold much of my interest, therefore I have never done anything to it. Since childhood, it has always been incredibly long, and it currently reaches the middle of my hips.

    However... I have always said that if I were to alter it, I would shave all of it off (but, perhaps, cut a deathhawk in first). I'm not sure if it would look wonderful with my face shape and features, but that does not bother me. I think it is fantastic.

    If it is something that interests you, I would recommend that you go for it! And if it proves to not be your style, it will grow back. Sometimes taking these drastic leaps from routine turn out to be the best things to grow and inspire a person.


What Guys Said 39

  • Just another failed attempt at defeating nature, imao

  • Short hair can look great on some girls. Never seen a girl bald before.

  • Edgy? Yeah probably. Hot? Not really. At least not to me.

  • I don't like them, I mean I love girls with short hair, but shaved or buzz cut is too short for me... I personally don't think many people (including guys) suit it. I had my head shaved and I hated it, in a way it really depends on the person... at the same time the chances of it working out I feel are very very low.

  • I love long silky well maintained hair, never fails to turn my head till she's disappeared from my sight.

    However, I do find buzz cut and shaved head quite hot on women and think it makes them look awesome. Again it depends on the woman if her persona allows it to be carried off well. But whichever way I think it's hot :D

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What Girls Said 19

  • I picked onions for two reasons:

    1. It was funny

    2. Because it actually works on some women, but not most.

    I say it works well on most models

  • I think some girls look really nice with it. I would never do it unless I had cancer and was losing my hair because of chemo.I know it wouldn't look good on me. The shortest I've done was a pixie cut but I couldn't go any shorter.

    I don't judge people by their hair. You never know why their hair is the way it is. They couldve had cancer. You never know.

  • I think it's hot when the chick has an angular, feminine face and somewhat edgy look. link link link

    There's an app called BaldBooth that shows what you look like bald :)

    • I don't have an iPhone or an Android :(

    • All the online ones you have to pay for :/ I think it would suit you though, you have really feminine, angular face :)

  • I don't like it at all, I like to see girls with long beautiful hair

  • I personally don't think its nice on a girl but hey everyone is different. You do what your heart desires :)

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