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How to pass a probation drug test?

If I were to smoke an 8th the day after my court date/ drug testing day and would not have court till a month later would I pass the drug test? Since... Show More

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  • Don't smoke. If you have recently been placed on probation by the courts , Your probation officer is going to drop you . But if you can't kick just admit to your probation officer that you have a drug problem and you need help. I'm sure they'll let you slide on a dirty drop if its your 1st time, but if you already had failed one before they won't. If you think you can't stop go enroll in some drug counseling service before your drug test so it can look like you acknowledge that you have a problem and that you're trying to get help.

What Girls Said 5

  • Why not just not blaze? There's no trick to passing them other than not doing drugs...

  • Don't do drugs. It's that simple.

  • Go to GNC and ask for a body cleansing thing. Most of then know exactly what is for and will help you out.

    Or buy someone's pee, make sure you keep it under same temperature. I think they measure the temperature. But if it's with a cop I think you have to pee in front of them.

    I honestly doubt one month later you'll have trouble though

  • You really couldn't wait?

    Here's a drug chart for how long stuff stays in your blood link

    If that doesn't help try googling for a different one.

  • Take someone elses pee.

What Guys Said 8

  • if you smoked an 8th in that month? yes it would probably show up.

    it depends on your diet and personal metabolism but weed can stay in you for as little as one 1/2-2 weeks and as much as a month+

    • i have to remove this come on man.

  • There are many myths, but they're all myths... it'll leave your body when it wants to, drinking water and trying detoxes makes no difference. Although the speed it leaves your system depends on your usage history, if you use it regularly it takes longer to exit your system, if I were to use it for the first time, it would definitely leave my system before even two weeks is up. I believe it should leave your system before a month is over... But why even bother taking that risk?

  • Behold, the future of our world...

  • No weed can show up for up to three months, its harder drugs that only take three or four days to leave your system.

  • Marijuana can stay for like 35 days

  • Dude it's just weed. Don't smoke it for a month, you won't die of it.

    Never forget :

    This is your butthole before jail : ).(

    This is your butthole after jail : )O(

  • all depends on your body.

    low body fat & good health + flushing + exercise = probably no issue for a pee test

    lose any of those factors & your chances drop acordingly.

    hair test will likely show use from before court. don't be a dumbass that tries to flood a test by drinking gallons of water the day before, you will definitely get a blood/hair test then.

    stop flushing 2-3 days before the test.

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