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Girls, do you like nerdy guys?

Context: The guy is nerdy in a good - not a bad way. Aka, he showers, is social, isn't too obsessive, can talk about more than just his specific... Show More

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  • I find myself really liking nerdy guys, but not the kind of nerdy you're describing. I'm into guys that are very into academics and being an educated person (interested in factoids and general knowledge), guys that are interested in learning how to do things (build a hard drive, stuff like that). Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with gaming, but I'm not attracted to gamers because personally, I could never justify wasting my time like that. I waste my time in other ways, sure, but gaming is something I will never understand.

    • well, I was talking about purely from a fun perspective. that a nerd has more fun with gaming than watching sports. I wasn't talking about this as the perspective of their intelligence, knowledge or life ambitions.

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    • totally respect that

    • :)

What Girls Said 19

  • I dig. That's my preference. I'm in a serious relationship with a "nerdy" (I don't like using the term) guy. I've never been into the super confident (cocky) ones.

  • Yes I like guys who I can hold a conversation with - debates etc

  • My boyfriend is a nerd :)

  • I don't feel indifferent to them, if he's nice and reasonably attractive then I see no reason why I wouldn't date him.

  • Hell to the yeah! I LOVE a nerdy guy. I couldn't see myself dating a guy completely full of himself and so dense.

    • One thing has nothing to do with the other. I know plenty of geeks who are incredibly full of themselves.

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    • yea, dandy was right. I guess its normal to assume that jock = arrogant and nerd = humble. its not always that way. but yeah, nerds that are humble, but still confident and assertive

    • Ya, and I have a friend who is meat head but who is the nicest and one of the smartest people you ever met. Totally selfless. so...

  • Yes please, bring me a nerdy guy anymore. I'd rather date him than your typical obnoxious party animal that can't seem to stop talking about important stuff.

    • Players get worn out so fast within minutes lol.

  • Hell F***ing Yes! Nerds are my Kryptonite (since I am one similar to your description)!

  • I mostly date nerdy guys ^^

    That cocky player type makes me wanna throw up xD

  • Pretty much every single guy I've ever been into is, roughly, the person you are describing. I love geeky guys! Generally speaking, they are sweet, and totally adorable. And being nerdy doesn't necessarily make you socially awkward, you're right. Most of the geeks I've liked have been VERY outgoing and confident and funny. So no, I have NO problem!

  • I won't date another cool guy in my life after I dated one.

  • I like a guy who has a good head on his shoulders and who I can have a good convo with yes

  • yeah sure I guess...

  • Yeah, sure. Both guys I've dated are kind of nerdy, I guess. Both into Zelda and Magic the Gathering, and WOW. As long as we can hold a conversation about something other than that, I do not care at all.

  • Yeah the guy I like is a nerd

  • My boyfriend is pretty nerdy and I knew this going into the relationship. He likes Zelda and D & D, in fact we used to play D & D together with a bunch of our friends every weekend and I'm the biggest girlie girl you'll ever meet lol. I liked playing with him because it was something we can do together and with our closest friends.

    But, he's hygienic, social and we do/talk about things other than his interests. :)

  • I'm not a fan of the videogames, but I LOVE smart guys that can talk in depth about a number of subjects :) My occupation is in the science/tech field, so I always appreciate a guy who can hold his own, so we can have fun debates.

  • Yes, but I'll be honest.

    Most like dorky guys like this


    Not like this


  • Generally no.

What Guys Said 3

  • How about incredibly dorky guys lol

  • Nerds are not social people or are social awkard. If you are sociable but still a "nerd," then you are a geek and geeks are awesome. Every geek friend I have is either dating, or married with children. Besides, geeks make more money than the average person. lol.

    • That's a completely arbitrary distinction. Not even 10 years ago the two words were completely interchangeable. It's only with the rise of hipsterdom and geek chic (aided by that money you mention) that people have tried to argue a difference between the two terms.

    • who really cares anymore? just talk about what the guy/girl is like and not what to call them.

  • unfortunately I'm the opposite of that aka list :( (except I'm not obsessive and the social part is a yes/no thing)

    no hope for me Dx

    • but you're black. black is seen as cool

    • wtf you talking about o____O

      i'm bengali, not black xD wow lol that's a first. I've always been mistaken as a Spanish-speaker whenever I go to vallarta xD

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