Girls, do you like nerdy guys?

Context: The guy is nerdy in a good - not a bad way.

Aka, he showers, is social, isn't too obsessive, can talk about more than just his specific interests and doesn't neglect people

He just loves things like Zelda, Magic the Gathering, dungeons and dragons, and tech news. He also cares more about his PC than his car.

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  • I find myself really liking nerdy guys, but not the kind of nerdy you're describing. I'm into guys that are very into academics and being an educated person (interested in factoids and general knowledge), guys that are interested in learning how to do things (build a hard drive, stuff like that). Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with gaming, but I'm not attracted to gamers because personally, I could never justify wasting my time like that. I waste my time in other ways, sure, but gaming is something I will never understand.

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      well, I was talking about purely from a fun perspective. that a nerd has more fun with gaming than watching sports. I wasn't talking about this as the perspective of their intelligence, knowledge or life ambitions.

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      totally respect that

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