Is there a soul mate for everyone?

do you believe everyone has a soulmate? a partner in life? husband,etc?. I personally think some people are just meant to be single forever :(

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  • Yes!There is someone for everyone! A girl my sister used to know, she was extremely shy, very awkward, she was a big band nerd, she kept to herself mostly.. She seemed really lonely! It was so sad! We didn't think she could date someone, because of how shy she was! Later that year she met a guy who had similar qualities as her, he brought out the best in her, and she in him. They are married now for almost 4 years! Everyone has a soulmate, it just takes a little time finding them!

    • Big difference your sister is a female she has it easier then any guy. Even a shy one.

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    Some people push everyone away for different reasons particular to themselves and they call it 'standards'. That's where it goes wrong. But yes, for everyone there are MANY possible soulmates, partners, husbands, wives. They only have to accept them.

  • answered yes, but here I am going to post a quote that kind of implies I think NO.

    “Soul mates' are fiction and an illusion; and while every young man and young woman will seek with all diligence and prayerfulness to find a mate with whom life can be most compatible and beautiful, yet it is certain that almost any good man and any good woman can have happiness and a successful marriage if both are willing to pay the price.”

    ? Spencer W. Kimball

    I kind of have to explain, I believe the quote to be as accurate as it can get, and words to live by, I mean, is there someone whose "red string" crosses yours? mistically "meant to be"? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    BUT on the other hand, if you asked me "is there someone anywhere with whom I can have a fairy tale life?" my answer here would be yes, and that is why I voted YES. YES THERE IS SOMEONE FOR EVERYONE, someone that can make you as happy as you can be, the closest thing to perfectiong you can get, you can BUILD a soulmates relationship, you can find "A right one", not THE, A, and then WORK together to build upon it, and your relationship will be as AMAZING as your determination, as your effort, as your compromise and respect to compromises, as your patience and as your "willingness to pay the price", you CAN have a fairy tale romance, I know my grandparents do after 70 years of marriage, but A) it was not a "destiny" thing, B) it did not come easy, C) they did not "find" each other, they ACTIVELY LOOKED for each other.

    I'm not sure but I think it was the same man who said it (though many people may have said similar things), and do not remember the exact quote, but goes kind of like this:

    "worry less about finding the right one, focus more on BEING the right one", that to say, a lot people KIND OF knows what they are looking for, but some are clueless about it honestly, but more importantly, OK, you know what you want, what are you bringing to the table? see a lot of times, THERE IS someone, and you find him/her, is the perfect person for you, except "he does not see you that way", perhaps you are not living up to his expectations, or you are aiming to the total wrong type of guy, or is the right guy but you are not the right girl for that kind of guy, thing, is, if part of your Prince Charming includes a PhD and a Ferrari, that is a lot to ask, and again, what are you bringing to the table? or perhaps you are a sweet girl and attract a sweet boy, but you are stubbornly wanting a bad boy. WISE advice then, you BE who you aspire to be, and let the right guy COME, not impossible but hardly if you are a, say, INTELLIGENT woman, would attract a total dumb, KNOW what you want, KNOW what you are willing to give and GIVE IT, and if what you want is unbalanced to what you give, WORK ON IT, and then pretty sure, you can find A right boy, someone GOOD with whom you can aspire to GREAT, you do not have ONE good choice, perhaps few choises will be good, but SOME will, keep the eyes open, look not for perfection�

  • I'm not sure about "soul mate" in a romantic sense. That you are destined for one person and only one person? I don't know.

    Do I believe that there is at least one person who could potentially be a positive, encouraging partner who is a natural "great fit" - yes. Can souls work together? I think so, yes.

    I think it becomes a slippery slope when we say it has to be romantic (that may not be what you're going for, but that's what most people mean) and that everyone DESERVES someone.

    I don't think that would be the end of the world if two incompatible people married, so long as they choose to act in a loving way with each other.

    Love isn't just a feeling. It isn't just about the attraction, infatuation, lust, etc... It's an action. A verb. And a choice. Infatuation, attraction... it's important, but I don't think it's everything.

    I would be up for a more general concept of "a soul mate" as being two people who are longtime, genuine friends. I believe a good friend can be a "soul mate." Without any sexual/romantic interest between the two.

  • I do believe people are puzzle pieces.

    You are an end piece if you're set in your ways and have ridged standards then you are limiting the perfect fit for your choices of soul mates.

    If you are 4 sided puzzle piece your options are better of finding that soul mate snap into your life.

    Yes there are soul mates not just , but I do believe it is not just ONE person that fits into that category.

    There are women that I have fit perfectly with chemistry was fantastic but do to being on two different directions in life it didn't last even though it seemed like a perfect fit. Leaves me scratching my head and confused and worried if I would ever find that connection again. I have had hints that have kept that hope alive..

  • I do think there is someone for everyone. Why do you think some are meant to be single?

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  • I believe that everyone has one or more people who they are meant to be with- I don't believe that anyone is meant to be alone. However, I don't believe that people have just one specific soul mate. I also don't think everyone is guaranteed to meet the person who is best for them, because that just isn't realistic.

  • not a soul mate

    i believe everyone can find someone in life they like enough to marry and live with for the rest of their life but a true soulmate is very rare

  • I believe it's impossible for a person to be meant to be single forever. The whole purpose of life is to love and be loved. People can choose to be alone one way or another, but they were never meant to be that way.

  • No, although romantic connections can feel that way. The concept of a soulmate is a mystical idea.

  • Yes! I really think the 'one' is out there for all of us. So many people on this world, we can't possibly be born to be alone always. Just think, right now you might be alone or with the wrong person. Your soul mate is also out there in this big, lonely world looking for you

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