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I'm in shock! Did Paul Walker really die? What's the most devastating thing you've heard today?

No no no! I can not believe this! :[[[[[

The most horrible news I've heard today. :[!


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  • Was he being fast and furious?

    • Likely. He was driving a Porsche apparently. My friend let me drive hers and while they're nice, one little hit and they fall apart.

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    • I was referring to his 3rd comment, where he sarcastically hopes he's not a horrible person anymore xD

    • thanks

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  • It's sad because he was a great actor. I wish his family the best.

  • In a Porsche , I read: jealous of James Dean's fame.


  • I am always amazed at the power of the media..people feeling bad about celebs, people they've never met, have nothing in common with..and who were probably driving recklessly!

    And who couldn't act, either.

    • the fast and the furious would have been better without him, add in a guy that can act and it would probably have been better.

    • From what I read , Paul's Friend was Taking his New Porch for a Ride with Paul inside the vehicle. So It's might not be Paul's fault. His friend might have crashed it .

    • Same difference, joyriding jerks, lucky they didn't kill any innocent people along with themselves.

  • Paul Walker died in a car crash in Santa Clarita, an area north of Los Angeles. He was the passenger in a friend's Porsche. I think he was going or leaving a charity event.

  • My sis and I were scouring the internet about this...unfortunately were 95% believing that it's true. :(

    May Paul Walker rest in peace.

  • Yep he's dead, not really shocked per se', I mean I accept that people die and it can just pan out like that... Most shocking thing I've heard today, is that Link (from Zelda) died as a kid in Majora's Mask, even though there are other games it's heavily suggested that he did die in Majora's Mask. Might not sound devastating, but this is a landmark character of my childhood!

  • well he was a shitty actor so I guess its not a big lose. I feel for his family though. thank god we still have brian green and michio kaku though they really did contribute to humanity

    • loss not lose.

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    • lol get out of here you just pulled that nonsense out of your ass. project elsewhere

    • You are pathetic. Just because you personally don't like his acting and are hating on it, doesn't imply his life was not a loss to someone. He had family you know, he's human.

      irrelevant to how good someone thinks you do your job, when you die it will matter to someone at the least. You're just a sore hater, that's what it is.

      & he was an AWESOME ACTOR! with the nicest smile ever! and the cutes nose too! <3

      Running Scared is by far one of my favorite movies! <3

  • yup, very sad news

  • Oh shit I didn't know that

  • Sudden deaths are always tragic. To everyone! not just entertainment industry celebrities. Sudden deaths are the worst, since their friends and loved one never have any anticipation.

    That said, I can't say I liked him much as an actor, and I stopped watching the Fast and Furious series right after the first movie. I thought it sucked. So why spend time watching any more? I'm a car enthusiast too, and I like movies with car p*rn, but f&f didn't do it for me.

    Nevertheless, My positive vibes go to his loved ones in these tough times.

  • That is really sad :( Always had a bit of a man-crush on him, and he's the last person I'd expect something like this to happen to (always got the impression he was very clean living etc and not your typical celeb).

    RIP and condolences to family & friends - esp. his daughter

  • sad, very sad. some day we all bite the dust. I wouldn't mind going out with a bang, beats rotting away in a nursing home as the government rapes my bank account. at least all my money would go to my family

  • Yep it's true. link

  • Damn he was my favorite character in Fast and Furious!

  • That dude is dead and gone for real...just before a new month...so sad :-(

  • Yeah it is True . I read his friend was driving his new Porsche ( Don't know if it was Paul's or his Friend's ) for a Ride with Paul in the Passenger Seat , then the Car Crashed and Burned . My teacher was checking his phone today in class and He told us . We were Pretty shocked mostly the Guys , A lot of girls don't know him though .

    It's sad He died . His family lost him too. I didn't know him Personally so I am not Devastated but I am a bit shocked . It sucks he died , He will be missed .

  • I found out like 30 minutes ago...so sad and it's completely shocking. I never heard anything about him which means he was low key and was a good person who didn't do crazy things like some celebrities do. Just plain sad.

  • Yes he did.. His Porsche hit a tree from the reports I've read.

  • Sucks may he rip.

  • This is definitely not the most devastating thing I've heard today. For starters, my friends mother is seriously injured in the hospital. Devastating news is what hits close to home. And if it isn't, there' a lot more people dying needlessly today, than just Paul Walker. Not to disrespect his death or anything, but he was just a famous guy who had a job. He died. It sucks. But so many people die and get raped, and or tortured everyday. I'm not gonna shed a tear for a guy who starred in movies about car driving fast. He had a better life that 85% of the world does.

  • Yeah..that's the most devastating news of today for me. Actually I didn't really read anything else when I saw about that. It was like when Heath Ledger die. RIP Paul.

  • At least I won't be subjected to any more crappy Fast and Furious movies.

    • No one forced you to watch them.

  • Wow... no more fast and the furious :[[ If they make another fast and the furious I'm not going to watch it. Not the same.

    • His death is really tragic and sad, but the death of the Fast and the Furious series is actually a very very good thing to me.

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    • If they did that sucks for them. Kinda off how famous people keep dying in car 'accidents'

    • They were filming Fast and Furious 7 already. I wonder what they will do with his part now?

  • Don't always believe everything you see in the news. But yes, it does appear that he may very well be dead. And I'm not surprised - since he has his "Fast and Furious" past. I'm not saying that he was what his character was in the films, but he may have had some of that in him personally.

  • Ah the problems of the first World, an actor dies and society practically goes into decline.

  • Sad but true.

  • I was pretty devastated actually. He's one of the first actors who I've grown up watching who died. He was by far my favorite actor in the Fast and Furious series (O'Connor) and the fact that he died so young and in a terrible way breaks my heart. May he rest in peace.

  • Just now I see on the news that he died in a car accident when he does the car driving stunt in Hollywood

    • He was a passenger

    • Oh wow well I don't know him that much but to me it makes the story sadder.

    • It does get sadder when he wasn't even the one driving. :[

  • Who in the heack is Paul walker?

    • I'm on google right now

    • Brian O'Connor from the Fast and the Furiou Movie line.

    • I saw his car after crush that there wasn't much left of it and it was charred his body was pretty much destroyed he must of been going very fast or else his car must've been made of like tinfoil

  • A moment of silence for the poor people that died, keep on dying and will die. Sure it's sad this guy died but why not mourn the loss of people with no fame or no fortune? (rhetorical question folks)

    • I don't mourn for the loss of every single person that dies Because that's absurd! I don't know about every single person that dies, nor do I have any feeling for someone I don't see EVER!

      It's different. It doesn't imply someone's life had less value than others, but at least you get to fall in love with the character they portray through movies or shows, so in a sense it's as if you know them on some level. As oppose to someone random who dies and you've never even heard of or seen at all.

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    • Clearly you're not bright enough to even grasp the idea of what I said.

      The End.

    • You're right. I am clearly stupid. Now let me go kill myself over some movie star dying that never gave a crap about me :P

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  • I know it such tragedy I wish it wasn't true may he rest in peace.

  • Yes people keep claiming it's only on TMZ, but it's also on MSN, Radar, and US PEOPLE so it's legit. Sad as well as horribly ironic. I did have a moment of silence for him.

  • I heard it is a hoax. I know when I read it my heart stopped for a minute

  • It sickens me that NO ONE even mentioned Roger. The man who was driving the car. He died too people! There were TWO MEN in that car.

    • He was the Guy driving . Chances are It was his fault (unless proven otherwise) so Maybe people don't care about him . Still a Person died . It is sad .

    • Why was he driving so fast? Yes, sad, but it likely was his fault this tragedy even happened. There was burned rubber everywhere... he was probably thinking he was cool driving like a maniac.

  • Ya very sad

  • It's on TMZ

    He was my future husband after Yu Darvish :( I am saddened. But TMZ has been wrong in the past...

    • Yeah, now it's on MSN and justjared. It's likely true

  • shocked

  • I haven't heard that I hope its a lie.

    • i hope it's a lie too.

  • This is the first I've heard of it.

    That's sad, my heart goes out to his family and friends.

    I'm honestly kind of shocked to learn he was 40 years old too.

    • It looks like it's just a hoax - link

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    • Yeah, he was coming from a charity.

      His rep confirmed it. So, may he rest in peace

    • :[[[[[[! that picture is awful. he was shattered...

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