I'm in shock! Did Paul Walker really die? What's the most devastating thing you've heard today?

No no no! I can not believe this! :[[[[[

The most horrible news I've heard today. :[!



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  • Was he being fast and furious?

    • Likely. He was driving a Porsche apparently. My friend let me drive hers and while they're nice, one little hit and they fall apart.

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    • I was referring to his 3rd comment, where he sarcastically hopes he's not a horrible person anymore xD

    • thanks

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  • I am always amazed at the power of the media..people feeling bad about celebs, people they've never met, have nothing in common with..and who were probably driving recklessly!

    And who couldn't act, either.

    • the fast and the furious would have been better without him, add in a guy that can act and it would probably have been better.

    • From what I read , Paul's Friend was Taking his New Porch for a Ride with Paul inside the vehicle. So It's might not be Paul's fault. His friend might have crashed it .

    • Same difference, joyriding jerks, lucky they didn't kill any innocent people along with themselves.

  • In a Porsche , I read: jealous of James Dean's fame.


  • It's sad because he was a great actor. I wish his family the best.

  • My sis and I were scouring the internet about this...unfortunately were 95% believing that it's true. :(

    May Paul Walker rest in peace.

  • Yeah..that's the most devastating news of today for me. Actually I didn't really read anything else when I saw about that. It was like when Heath Ledger die. RIP Paul.

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  • Yes people keep claiming it's only on TMZ, but it's also on MSN, Radar, and US PEOPLE so it's legit. Sad as well as horribly ironic. I did have a moment of silence for him.

  • I heard it is a hoax. I know when I read it my heart stopped for a minute

  • It's on TMZ

    He was my future husband after Yu Darvish :( I am saddened. But TMZ has been wrong in the past...

    • Yeah, now it's on MSN and justjared. It's likely true

  • I know it such tragedy I wish it wasn't true may he rest in peace.

  • Ya very sad

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