Amazon Prime Air - good or bad idea?

I was watching the news this morning and heard about Amazon Prime Air. Apparently, the idea is that Amazon would deliver your purchases to you via drone, in as little as 30 minutes in some cases.


Do you like this idea? Why or why not?

  • Vote A I think it's cool.
  • Vote B I don't like the idea of drones everywhere.
  • Vote C I don't like the idea of so many job losses.
  • Vote D I don't like it for another reason. (please explain)
  • Vote E I don't care, I go with the flow.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think it's absolutely brilliant. I've been in the RC heli hobby for awhile now and I even owned one for awhile. There stable and completely capable to do what amazon intends to do with them. This isn't new technology at all and is perfectly capable of handling for this sort of endeavor. I'm actually surprised it's taken this long for people to consider it. It's probably been viable for a number of years now.

    They could even increase the range for lighter packages. Double up the li-po bats, add a couple thousand mahs and your good to go. You can get recreational quad copters that will fly for more then two hours so... there are definite improvements to be made on the 10mile radius.

    My one concern is... computers do sometimes crash and experience hick-ups. It's unavoidable. I've been downed while flying RCs many times at no fault of my own. They'd need to put on some sort of housing for the props otherwise risk injuring someone... although admittedly when they crash it's nothing catastrophic... don't be expecting severed heads or big explosions.

    And for anyone whose concern is the danger aspect... I've been hit by flailing RC copters before; more then once. I've never needed anything other the stitches and in any case... the more advanced quads come with safety features in case of failure to avoid completely destroying what can be an investment upwards of 10,000 in hobby grade alone; not commercial grade.

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      You're not thinking of Signal Interference. If the copter is RC and for one reason or another is out during a storm ... heh.

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      p.s. sorry sparrow... looking at this question it appears as if I hi-jacked it from you :)

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      No you didn't, haha! I'm glad it sparked conversation... that is the point, after all :-)