Paul Walker's death.

Is it true he was burned so bad that the only way they were able to identify him was by his teeth? Someone just said that. I find that sad considering how attractive he was. It goes to show you that life is too short and in the end...looks really don't matter.


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  • His face was still recognizable even though it was horribly fucked up. Didn't have too much burn damage though.


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  • I know isn't THAT so sad uhhgg that poor car :(

  • I thought that teeth thing was what they did with Rasputin :O

  • Paul Walker died on impact. He didn't even feel the flames.


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  • When we die, nothing else matters.

    It's over.

    The condition of our body, only really matters to our friends and family.

    So, no matter how ugly you may be.. I'm sure no one wants to be forced into having a closed casket...

  • I guess if he was only average looking then him burning to death wouldn't be sad.

    • LOL I didn't say that.

    • Actually, you pretty much did.

    • I was going to make an answer just like this, thank you though, you called it out first.