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What does it mean if you are passing a girl and she quickly smirks at you and quicklt then turns her head ?

Ive caught her looking at me about a month ago but we have never had a chance to talk as we have different classes and times .. but today she half smirked and so did I as we were walking past eachother and she then quickly looked away to the left looking at really nothing as she was passing me and quickly going to our classes .. Has she maybe she lost interest as we don't ever have a chance to chat and was the reason she quickly looked away after the half smirk ..I like her but not sure when I will bumo into her again Any girls wanna help me out ?

Sorry about the spelling mistakes in the question ..

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  • I doubt that she's lost interest. She might be frustrated that you haven't made a move yet or nervous so that's why she looked away. Maybe she was just trying to flirt. Try saying hi to her next time and see how she reacts.

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