How to keep doing your studying or homework without interruption?

Whenever I'm studying or doing homework something interrupts me either a thought, something I realized I have to do, something I want to look up online, or a TV show or movie is on I would like to watch. How can I keep these distractions or interruptions from preventing me to do my hw or studying?


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  • separate yourself from the distractions. turn off the tv. maybe going to a place where you can isolate those distractions like a library or something helps

    for me in college I found classical music really helped me focus. other music might distract me with lyrics or familiar melodies but classical music (especially music I'd never heard) really helped me stay on task and focus. they say because classical music is technically complicated it stimulates the brain towards more productive and creative though

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  • Train yourself to think about only studying for x hours you want to study. Like, keep only this thought in your mind "I'm studying" JUST that thought do breaks every 50 mins. Do this x hours you would be studying or you would like to be studying. If you can't manage that don't bother at all studying that x amount of time. When you can keep the thought then you're ready to go. It's not hard but effective. TRy it.


What Girls Said 2

  • Tell yourself that for 30 minutes or (whatever amount you choose) I will focus on my homework and when the 30 minutes is up I'm going to roam the internet or do whatever I want to do freely for about half and hour. when the free time is up,tell yourself for 45 minutes I'm just gonna focus on my homework then for half and hour I'm gonna do whatever I wanna do.This helps me a lot but you can't cheat yourself. during the time your suppose to be strictly focusing on your school work, make sure you actually do just that. Most of the time, after doing this back and forth, I get 100% into my homework and continue without the interruption.

  • turn of distractions..