Under boob tattoos? What do you think of them?

Under boob tattoos? What do you think of them?


Like rihanna


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  • People love to create new levels of trashiness. The classy women have all died out.

    • Lmaoooo

      Bro it's 2014

      Trashy is attuitude and girls that don't care if themselves

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    • If you say so

    • It's pretty obvious whether I said so or not. You're a chick trying to defend yourself, so I get why you are trying to play it off. That's fine. Understandable.

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  • If the boob and girl are hot, they are hot

  • I'm in love with Rihanna, but that's one of the dumbest tattoos I've ever seen.

  • When it comes to Rihanna as a person, I liked her when she first came out. Sweet and innocent (I know, gaaaaay!). I know she's trying to appeal to the masses now.

    As for in general, I'm not against tattoos. I have tattoos myself. But it's not something that would really appeal to me. Props on creativity though.

  • Do not want

  • I mean sure I guess.

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  • In the end its your body and if a tattoo is meaningful who's to say anything about it.

    I personally am not a fan of chest tattoos on men or women, a small one underneath can be kinda cute. Really it depends on what it is for me to find it attractive because like I said if there's meaning behind it I could still like it.

    My ex got a grim reaper on his chest haha. I thought that was pretty dumb.

  • I like them, but only if the girl has a small chest (otherwise it looks tacky).

  • I think they're cool, but I wouldn't get one just because the thought of having a tattoo at all scares me because it's always there. The people that do have them though I think it looks awesome, kind of wish I was someone that would do it!

  • I'd never get one, but I guess that's at least a spot you could cover for jobs and stuff...

  • If you love tattoos then that is all that really matters make yourself happy.

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