Why do girls who claim to be good girls go for guys who clearly aren't?

This one former Survivor contestant talks about how Christian she is, and then she ends up marrying some guy who has HUGE tattoos, and his ears have gauges in them... like, really?


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  • Attraction to their opposite, or perhaps it's a reflect of a broken relationship they are trying to reconcile unconsciously , like an Electra complex.


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  • If she didn't marry him and said it's for religious reasons she would have likely been criticized for judging, when she does people think it's against the Christian religion...one can never please them. But in all seriousness, you are either trolling or know nothing about Christianity. Tattoos and piercings are cool... oh and I believe in God... please me what a bad girl I am... I find that really hot too : )

  • Look, here is what I've noticed: People (men AND women) who claim they're "good" are usually the ones who are full of shit.

    Btw what's wrong with huge tattoos and ears with gauges?

    Do they indicate that they guy is an asshole? No. His behavior does.

  • Have you ever heard of the old expression: "Opposites attract?" Being she is Christian, she probably let something go in herself, and on top of finding Jesus, she found a man who makes her hot...But who are we to judge? They are married, not living in sin, and apparently, God saw to it they became a "match made in heaven." "He who is without sin, cast the first stone."

  • Bruno...

    Where in the bible does it say..

    Thou shalt not marry one who hast lots of tattoo's ?

  • are you stupid? tattoos and gauges don't indicate if a person is bad or not, it's called personal style and taste. You can be an absolute sweetheart and be covered in tats, or you can dress in frilly pastel dresses and be a giant bitch. Judge on actions not looks.

  • So having tattoos and huge holes between your earlobes automatically deems you as being the complete opposite of what you call "good". I never knew man. Religion has nothing to do with body mods, nor does body mods have anything to do with someone's morals or how they are as a person. You need to reevaluate your mind and think about what you just asked because it makes no sense.

  • I don't understand it. Then again you can't really help who you're attracted to.

  • Some people are just looking to get ruined. Being "good" can get very old and very frustrating, especially when you feel like you're life is at a stand-still...

  • My friend's pastor has plugs and is covered in tattoos, don't judge by appearances, he may be a really good guy, you just don't know. Also, opposites attract.

    • oh I could tell they were having pre-marital relations

    • How? and if so that's her deal not mine.

  • You just can't stop yourself. I think it would be very interesting if every aspect of you're life was gone over to see if you live up to the ideals of you're religion.

  • Why are you so obsessed with this stuff? Live you're own life.

    • learn the proper form of your to use

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    • as soon as you abstain ?

    • Abstain? I don't think so. I'm a sinner.

  • Girls like bad ass lol

  • Tattoos and gauges doesn't mean bad.


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  • Opposites attract. I'm a big level headed older dude and I gravitate towards crazy little young women. They're the flame for my big dumb moth.

    Ce est la vie, non? There's a reason we hunt deer in breeding season while they're pheromone addled brains aren't switched on to anything but the rut.

    Humans do the same thing. We want what we want, and the devil take the hindmost.

  • Wow I didn't know I was a bad person for my tattoos and piercings :-/