What does it mean when a guy says you're his "best friend"?

Ok, what I mean is when a guy says to a girl "You are one of my best friends" or "You're my best friend" Does he actually think more of you? Like when a guy says that does he mean something deeper than what he says? For an example when he says it does he really mean he likes you as a girlfriend? Or is it just merely you're his best friend and nothing more? Just curious, I am not serious about it, I just don't know if guys say these things to almost give the girl the hint that he likes her more than a friend and wants her as a girlfriend? or if he just means you're his best friend?. Please Answer! I am so curious! Thank you! :)


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  • I think he's playing it neutral... I believe men and women can't be friends unless there's 0 attraction or the guys gay... I'm assuming he liked you awhile ago but you friend zoned him now he's that guy who's cool with just being friends waiting for something more to happen... Classic scenario

    • Funny, cause I think you hit the nail right on the head with that. He always expressed to me how much he liked me, but I told him I just wanted to be friends, and he actually got mad at me like 2 months ago and said "Did you friendzone me? Really? What the hell?" Lol! So I think you're right, sir! Thanks for commenting! :)

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  • It could be both to be honest it just depends on the guy for me it goes both ways.

    • Yeah I understand! I know it could mean a lot of things, lol! But I was just curious. Thanks for commenting! :)

    • No problem.

  • When I tell a girl that she's my best friend, then I mean it as it is that she's someone who I can talk to about anything that comes to my mind, someone who'll know, understand (try to to the best of her ability) and accept me and not judge me with preconceived ideas / notions.

    Someone so close to me that I can even tell her outright when I'm horny or if I want to have sex with her (if I feel that way i.e. and she can do the same too) and even if she doesn't think that's going to happen she won't judge me or think otherwise but appreciate honesty. Why I state sex is cause it's considered the epitome of understanding / misunderstanding in a relationship and generally defines it. However, in this case it will be more emotional than FWB types. It's more of being a friend in all situations w/o judging each other.

    If I'm a best friend to a girl then the I'd be the same way.

    That's me. However, it's an individual situation varies from person to person how they define it. I'm sure you get that from the answers here ;) :D

    • Interesting! Yeah, you're right everyone is different, but this guy does tell me everything, so pretty much everything you described about yourself, is what he does, lmao! So it could mean something more to him or not, I am not sure, but thanks for commenting, and your answer is really helpful! :)

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    • Yes! True! I agree completely, thanks a lot for wisdom on this! :) Very helpful answer! :)

    • always my pleasure young lady :)

  • You're in the friend zone if he says that comment. It could potentially become more, but it probably won't.

    • What's funny is that he said I friend zoned him, haha! He tried pinning that on me, but you're probably right, we're both stuck in the friendzone, haha! Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Much of the time it means that he sees you as more. Otherwise in most cases he would have a guy best friend.

    • Interesting! So to you if a guy says a girl is his "best friend" he means it's something more? Cause otherwise guys have guy best friends? Cool, thanks for answering! :)

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    • Yeah, I understand! Thanks for commenting! it's a helpful answer! :)

    • Happy to!

  • Could go both ways, it just depends on the guy. I personally wouldn't tell I girl that I potentially would want to date that she's my best friend, but he might be using it as a way to make you feel closer to him. is he flirty with you or do things that just "friends" would not do?

    • He is extremely flirty with me, lol! like everytime we are near each other he is always doing something to make it be known he wants to have sex with me, haha! He even said to me a couple of times "Hey, you wanna makeout?" or "Hey you want to have sex?" But when I just laugh it off or say no, he'll just act normal with me, but he is always touching my shoulder, and only one time when he was drunk he said to me "You are one of my good friends, and I really mean that"

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    • no problem! and after reading your comments I would probably lean more towards him looking at you as more than a friend, I would just keep on doing what your doing and see if he makes a move

    • He probably does, lol! He has been making moves, ever since I met him, but I just didn't know if guys call a girl "best friend" because they actually mean it's something more? or if it just a best friend? lol! I am not too worried about it, I was jsut curious, but thank you for commenting! It was a helpful answer! :)

  • Sounds more like a friend. But I would definitely go for my best friend if he was a girl ;)

    • Haha! Yeah, I see, my dude! lol! Thansk for commenting! :)

  • it really could either way, be actually friends or just saying that to get closer to you.

    I had a girl best friend before and this was for at least 4 years of being best friends. Couple years ago I dated her. we broke up and became closer over the years. Then it all went to shit this year lol

    • Awww :( I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you guys can repair the relationship even if it's just platonic. He could be saying it just because lol! Cause he didn't say this to my face, he said it to a mutual friend that I am "one of his best friends" and he said to me one time when he was drunk "You are one of my good friends, I mean that" So I don't know what his game is, lol! But thank you for commenting! Hope everything works out with you and your friend! :)

    • the time like "OMG why are you talking to her?! why not talk to me?". But anyway if you need anything else message I'm glad to help :)

    • i highly doubt that the relationship is getting repaired anytime soon. she never supported any of the girls I was going after or anything that she didn't agree with or did not involve her. Then she told me also I was a two (im that person that is straight up with everything), a man whore for dating 2 girls, bad-boy wanna be(idek), and that I should date girls like her and her twin sister. I just said fuck you and that was that. I miss her but don't miss the constant nagging all

  • Sounds like you're friend-zoned, brah.

    • Haha! Yeah, brah, I am friend zoned, but what's funny is that he said I friend zoned him, lol! He got all mad like 2 months ago at me saying "Did you friend zone me? What the hell? Really?" But yeah I was just curious what people think, and wanted to see their opinions, but thanks for commenting, haha!:)

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    • Haha! Oh god, maybe. I am still unsure what I want in life in general, let alone guys, sooooo...lol! kinda hard for me to decide on this one, haha! but thanks! take care! :)

    • If you have to question it, it likely isn't the right choice. Just enjoy your youth.

  • Honestly, He likes you and wants to pursue something deeper than friendship. But not at the risk of losing you altogether. He is afraid that if one statement he makes that goes misinterpreted by you, it will blow any chance he has with you. So playing it safe and calling you a friend is his way of not crossing any line that might ruin your current relationship.

    There is that line that men fear of putting themselves out there and blowing it...but that's also the same line you need to cross if you ever want someone to be more than friends. You can't be afraid or lack confidence as a man, however it sounds like he cares enough about you that he is leaving the door open. If you should ever give him a chance (provided he doesn't scoop someone else up in the meantime) He's saying that you would be worth waiting for...just my 2 cents :) good luck!

    • Thats what I was thinking, to be honest. Cause he always expressed interest in me, it's just I am so unsure of "relationships" that I would rather hold off and think about it, then jump in one, and possibly break either my heart or his. I like to be for sure on my decisions. But you have a very helpful answer and you seem to be right! I noticed too that men are just as scared as us women, and we don;t like to get rejected, but I just think you are accurate on the whole thing. Thank you! :)

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  • dont know the whole story so I can't give you a real answer. But I can tell you my Best friend whos a guy. Had him for years n9w the first year I could absolutely tell that he had feelings so I called him buddy and made sure I was clear we were just friends. Now we call each other best friend all the time and we've reached the point of him knowing ecery detail about me so he doesn't have feelings about me like that and I can tell

  • Try not to over analyze anything. It means just that.

    Just so you know, you're in the friend zone. From your post, I don't gather that you wanted anything more, but yeah just so you know.

    • lol! Yeah you're right, but actually he said to me that I friend zoned him, haha! He got all mad at me one night like 2 months ago and said "You friendzoned me? What the hell?", but I'm just curious if guys mean it more than a friend or if they just mean the girl is their best friend. It's just curiosity, I am not serious about it, lol! Just want to see what people say, haha! But thank you for commenting! :)

    • No problem:) glad I helped you.

  • I think it could be either. That you are actually his best friend or maybe he likes you. It's hard to tell sometimes. I had something like this happen. I liked this guy a lot and we talked every day. One night he just casually said that I was his best friend. And he also said things that made me think he thought of me as more, but it's so difficult to tell sometimes. Anyway, a month later he got drunk and called me one night. He left a voicemail telling me he liked me. I never knew for sure until that moment. So, it just depends. I think you just have to look for signs.

    • Yeah, you're right! Cause it could be either, but he is extremely flirty with me when he is around me, but when he was drunk one time he said to me "You are one of my good friends and I mean that" But he said "Sarah (which is me) is one of my best friends" to my other friends, he didn't say that to my face, lol! But I'll just have to play it out and see what happens, but it was just curiosity, haha! I am not too worried about it, but thank you so much for commenting! :)