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I'm So Over These First World Problems!

Heads up this is somewhat of a rant.. My Catalyst: I was just on a post about this sugar baby chick and men were really in their feelings that some 2 adults, whom they'd never even met by the way, would spend a couple...


Top 13 Highest Motorable Passes or Roads in the World – The Myths & The Realities

Top 12 Highest Motorable Passes or Roads in the world Now, going by the above definition, let’s brief ourselves with Top 12 Highest Motorable Passes in the world or Roads in the world whose altitude data points are...


So, I Have a Big Confession To Make

When I was in middle school, I looked more mature than my age. Still to this day, people think I'm Italian and in my early 20's. To be more specific during this time, I had thick textured hair and glasses. In my PE class,...


Twenty Memorable Vintage Icons

1. Rita Hayworth 2. Marilyn Monroe 3. Sophia Loren. My personal favorite of vintage beauty. Recently, my mom and sister went to Venice. The locals there said my mother, my sisters, and myself all look Italian. If people...


I Know It Could Be Worse... and I Don't Care.

Picture this: your significant other is in a terrible accident. S/he survives, but with various injuries, and well-meaning friends or relatives try to comfort you by saying that "it could have been soooo much worse! At...


Music That Will Make You Want to Grab a Shield and Sword, then Raid England

This is jonna Jinton. She is a Swedish blogger who can sing ancient summoning calls.


Being Open-Minded and How it Can Improve Your Life

People are often depressed because they hold fears inside of them - things they don't want other people to know about. Or maybe they feel their opinion doesn't matter, as if it has no value. It's this fear that causes us...


My 2017 NFL Mock Draft

My first time trying this. Let's see how I do on Thursday night. 1. Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett (DE Texas A&M) Garrett is the obvious No.1 overall to me. Cleveland has a lot of needs, but they shouldn't pass up a...


It happened to me: I Deployed my Firearm in Self-Defense

An image of the firearm I was carrying. My grips are aftermarket, not the ones pictured. Honestly, I didn't think I would ever need to use one of my guns to defend myself. I've always viewed gun ownership like this:...


Turning 30: The Age of Supposedly Everything, Yet Still Having Nothing

Count the days Count the years You turn around, and 30 is here Officially, you're an adult Legally, you were at 18 Things are different now, there's the expectation of society To have it all together To have it all...


Canada, Eh? Everything You Didn't Need to Know

Oh Canada, our home and native land! The Great White North - Land of hockey, flannel, maple syrup and polar bears Well, sort of. I've never seen a polar bear outside of a zoo, I don't own a flannel shirt and I don't play...


Cultural Differences in Expressing Love

1. China Before the cultural revolution in China people where more traditional and used wo xihuan ni,’ (‘I like you’),” to express ones deepest romantic feelings. “‘Wo ai ni,’ or the Chinese equivalent of ‘I love you,’ is...


Things I Wish I Knew Before I Moved into my First Apartment!

My spouse and I moved to Texas a couple of months ago. Neither of us had ever rented an apartment before, so this was our first experience doing it together. My spouse and I decided to find a small apartment that is well...


Unexplained Things That Happen While We're Asleep

There are a lot of activity in the body that occurs even when we are asleep. No definite reason has been proved for these miraculous phenomena. Falling Dreams Almost 90% of people have dreams of falling. Falling in a...


8 Things You Can Do Instead of Wasting Time On Social Media!

1. Take a yoga break Great way to get relax both mentally and physically. Open a slow music and start it. If you are doing it at home, don't forget to open the window to have some fresh air. 2. Create your task list Do...


20 Little Things that Make Us Happy!

They say that it's the little things that make us happy. It's true, to a certain extent. Sometimes, when we're having a bad day, the best thing to do may be to look at all the little things that make the day better....


Reasons Why I Have Mad Respect for Dan Bilzerian

I've seen countless SJW's and manginas criticizing Dan Bilzerian for his lifestyle choices as a rich guy. Well, all I can say to those people is they can suck it. This guy IS the definition of an alpha male if there is...


The Book Of Dreams: Vol. IV (Part I)

Vol. 3 Part II Vol. 3 Part I Vol. 2 Part II Vol. 2 Part I Vol. 1 Part II Vol. 1 Part I 04/01 I was dreaming about being Scrooge McDuck and suddenly when I woke house was filled with as much money as Scrooge had....


10 Facts That sound made up but are true

1. Cleopatra lived closer to the moon landings than she did to the building of the great pyramid of Giza Cleopatra was born in 69 BC and died in 30 BC, The Great Pyramid of Giza was finished in 2560 BC, the moon landings...


What I'm Afraid of 😬

Sometimes I just feel like writing about something, but I just don't know what to write.. running out of topics or ideas is a pretty common thing. So I thought why not make a list of things I'm afraid of, maybe some of...


30 Simple Ways to be a Happy Person ! :-)

Lots of people struggle from depression around the world, these simple ways will help making people to deal with life better. 1. Never think about past, it's gone, we just need to forget it. There are lots of people with...


A RGBOOB Emoji Review. Episode 12- Aliens!

He looks friendly and nice. Shows that SOME aliens DO come in peace. The gradient really gives him a 3D space man effect. It is a nice touch. 4/5 These colors are flat. Lifeless. He seeks intelligent life and yet he...


A RGBOOB Emoji Review. Episode 11- Bunny.

UGLY RED EYES. Albino rabbit. Not a fuckin fan 1/5 A happy cute bunny. Love his big head and ears. 3/5 Looks like a magicians rabbit. Not too impressed. 2/5 Kind of looks like a dog. And with that, 5/5 Fatass bunny....


A RGBOOB Emoji Review. Episode 10- Dog.

HERE WE ARE FOLKS! THE BIG 1-0. Time to celebrate with dogs! Pretty good dog. Reminds me of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Nice cute pink tongue ready to give kisses. 4/5 What a cute dog...but he needs to lay off the...


Haunted States: The Scariest Urban Legends (H-L)

Here is part one if you missed it. Welcome to part two! Some of my absolute favourite stories are on this list. Have a better one? Share it! And enjoy. Hawaii: The Kaimuki House Although the house was torn down in 2016,...


The Most Random Things That Can Happen

Everyday is a new page in the book of our lives and there might be a few random things that might happen and they can be either: funny/embarrassing or irritating but hey its part of life right. 1. When you think you're...


Why the Change You Want Needs to Start Within..

I've noticed that a lot of people, in general, want to make an impact on the world. Maybe they want to spread positivity or they want to shed some light on a widely overlooked topic. But a lot of these people who want to...


Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Are Very Disliked For One Reason Or Another

Top 6 Actors/Actresses Who Are Very Disliked Kristen Stewart Whether it be for her acting in her four most famous movies being really awkward in interviews. Or her on and off screen relationship with Robert Pattinson....


A RGBOOB Emoji Rating. Episode 3- SH! T. (Strap on in, this one is lengthy)

The classic. This poop isn't very friendly though. I can see what they were attempting with the realism, but those eyes are NOT the eyes on an innocent poop….His mouth hangs open with pure homicidal thirst. 2/5 This one...


A RGBOOB Emoji Review. Episode 2- Shark.

Realistic little man. Very pure and wholesome looking. Probably believes friends are not food. 2/5 Oh shit buddy…I would NOT fuck with him. Stay out of the water if you're on your period….a tampon won't stop this alpha...


A RGBOOB Emoji Review. Episode 1- Chicken.

Barely a chicken, too smooth n hairless. Zero texture. 0/5 A very sturdy but wholesome hen, i like her gray feathers gives her character and age, she look a bit dead tho with those white soulless eyes 4/5 Pointy! Sharp!...


13 Acts of Kindness That Could Change Your Life and That of Those Around You

1. Say thank you Say thank you to all the people who do you small favors every day such as hold the door for you, wish you a good day, or make your coffee just as you like it. This seems to be normal, but you can't...


Why I Hate Asking for Help

No, thank you Personally speaking, I love to be of help to people. I stumbled upon GirlsAskGuys after seeing a few questions that were asked about guy's behavior by a few girls, and I thought that this would be the...


The Funniest Selfies With Animals

If you have made a selfie with a (wild) animal it would be nice if you share theme in your comments!


Haunted States: The Scariest Urban Legends (A-G)

Here's a list of the scariest urban legend (In my opinion) from your state! Now this list is in alphabetical order and will have to be broken up into a few parts so this is from A to G. Enjoy and if you have a better one,...


3 Reasons to Feel More Beautiful When Surrounded by People

Since the beginning of time, I have always considered myself a social creature who likes to engage in social events, activities, etc. Recently I've been spending more time alone and realized that is has been impacting my...


What It's Like to be a Woman

When I was 13, I awoke in the middle of the night around 3 to some horrendous cramping. It was awful. I knew what it was, so I wasn't scared about it because I was literally in the process of taking a health class, and my...


Spring: Great Time to Get Ready for Summer!

1. Edit your closet Spring is the best time to wear colourful clothes. And especially to wear your flower designed dresses. You will look lively and energic with these clothes. For black lovers, I know you don't have...


Obtaining Happiness from Within

It know that it sounds cheesy, but I think that I’ve finally started to realize something that people have been trying to tell me for years. Obtaining happiness within has finally started to click for me. It’s been said...


Cardinals Symbolism/Meaning

As previously said in my Roses mytake, this info is taken from websites, its just mainly to inform! The cardinal’s name is derived from the high-ranking clerics of the Catholic Church who wear rich red robes. The word...