What shape do girls like on guys?

guys like the hour glass shape on girls

what shape do girls like on guys?


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    I like average-athletic, a bit of a muscle but not a buff type, for me when hips look much smaller than shoulders is not appealing. But I bet If I like the guy than it definitely for his personality first so it

    outshines little imperfections. Between, guys with a little bit of extra can also look very sweet and lovable.

  • broad shoulders, toned body, (not too muscular), abs!


  • Up-side-down triangle. Broad arms and shoulders, and a straight line coming down after that. I love tall skinny guys! there bodies feel so nice to hug :]

  • I like skinny guys, but just a little bit so they're still soft enough to hug ^_^

  • Broad shoulders. Broad shoulders, broad shoulders, broad shoulders! They drive me crazy. They're like instant likeability points, even if I find the guy to be a jerk or unattractive. Especially when paired with narrow hips. Not too narrow, but narrower than the shoulders. Basically, a V-shape.

    I like athletic bodies. Not totally buff. Muscular arms, chest, abs. It's really hot when shirts stretch over nice pecs.

    • So where can I find girls like you in my area? my shoulders and chest are extreamely wide ( I workout and train for sports) I have to have custom shirts other than T shirts and polos. Just saying lol- Because I have been told I'm attractive and then not attractive in anyway.. so I think I'm in the middle somewhere.

  • Really thin is hot to me, or nice and fit someone who works out.

  • solid bodies, not as in all fat, id don't mind some, but some muscle especially around their arms and chest area.

    i love tall men too..

  • I like tall lean men. I like him to be in great shape. But not too muscular. Over-muscular men look fat in clothes. A nice stomach, and nice claves are always sexy.

  • Tall, strong shoulders and lean. Not body builder muscular but I do like athletic bodies.

  • I really like when guys are lean muscled. Kinda like Chace crawford. I don't like their shoulders too big or their hips and waist too small in comparison to their shoulders, but you know, muscled nicely.

  • Josh' body.

    Ask him. He knows. :o

  • Me personally I like a guy with a nice body and a good personality, that knows how to treat a girl.

  • i really wanted to pick a shape to answer your question but I realised I don't really care about his shape but as long as it suits him and he looks good.

  • I like not fat but not skinny some muscles but not tooo much big guys but not too fat

  • broad shoulders, narrow waist and hips. but I'm perfectly fine with a guy just being straight up and down.

  • For girls it's the waist to hip ratio, for guys it's the shoulder to hip ratio. Basically guys are most attractive (in a genetic/evolutionary way) with smaller hips than shoulders, to kind of resemble an upside-down triangle. This signifies fertility as does the small waist with broader hips on women.

    • This is the scientific answer at least.

  • Octagon

  • link

    something like that for girls I believe :P (the lower abdomen where it is really cut is EXTREMELY hard to get but it gets the ladies although I personally find too much of that unappealing fo rmyself)

  • I know you asked for girls only, but I just liked to add that you can use a poll to help further your question.