What country has the best women?

and why. supposedly European women have more reasonable standards

i did NOT mean race. I mean country
i'm talking about behavior. if you just want to say a region, that works too

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  • All foriegn countries all cool. When you travel to another country then come back home, It takes me awhile to get used to the guys again in the US.

  • that's easy..slovenia of course ;))

  • Croatia:)

  • ok I know this is an old question but I reckon Greek Cypriot women are the best (I quote) "they are lambs in the kitchen & tigresses in the bedroom" ;0)

  • What do you mean 'reasonable standards'?

    If you mean less shallow then you might be right.

    If you mean lower standards then you are completely wrong.

  • Why do you want to know ? To come and get one ? :))

    And What does the "best" you mean? Beauty or Character?

  • Ireland ;) Obviously ! :P

  • German girls and Asian girls.


  • America... we have a big variety of beauty of women from every country

  • It is not the country, it is individual!

  • Honestly,

    It's the country that produces the most fashion models, glamour models, beauty queens and is known all over the world for it. Also, historicaly women have been kidnapped for over 2,000 years for their beauty.


    Russian nuclear scientist: link

    She's not sexy, she is an epic angelic almost marble like beauty.

    Oh, I should mention they're also very smart. :)

    • wow she's a super smart and super pretty!

    • And also there is an extreamly high alue placed on education and intelligence. All women are smart, but are also expected to be well educated. They're still gentle natured and loving however..

    • Yeah, but honestly every girl is hot.

      but russian standards are wayyy higher, to actualy be considered beautifull.

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  • Miami has the best women & idt care what anyone else says because down here its a freaking melting pot of nationalities,cultures & personalities. There's really something for everyone's taste plus not to be cocky but Miami girls are hot & super confident lol

    • You really are an idiot.

    • Maybe you got the down arrows because Miami isn't a country.

  • This question probably has received the most biased answers ever. Hah.

    I don't think there is one country in particular. Seeing as how different people are and how you can't group a certain group of people into one behavior, it's pretty much impossible to answer your question, hah.

    I guess every guy has there own particular standards, and even if there was a country that ideally was supposed to follow those standards, there would still be people who don't. Like, Chinese people are known as traditional but that definitely does not mean every girl in China is going to be like that.

    I hope that makes sense.. hah.

    Best of luck finding someone though. :]

  • i don't know but I'm guessing some where really poor.. that way I'm sure she knows what hard work is and knows how to take her of herself.. she knows what respect is and so on... I just think its those who have a hard time tend to turn out the best..

    or would you think a rich spoiled princess would be a good woman ?

    she would have probably never cooked cleaned or even tidied her own bedroom

  • lebanese women are by far th best with personalities. And I'm not just sayin that because I'm from there...

    • Almost all rich people all around the world are like that. And since I go to a private school there are others that are rich and they are actually really nice.

    • not all though... I knew this lebanese girl and she always showed off how rich she was and stuff.

  • Albania.beautiful and wise.

    • message me I gotta ask you something


    • wise?

  • i'd say lebanese women but I guess I'm biased :p

  • i believe that the women fron the caribbean, namely Trinidad have better standards they tend to be less wordly and so their standads are not necessarly arrected from the sometimes warped views of people from the bigger countries where anything goes.

  • Eastern Europe. :)

  • Ireland :)

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    Easten Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Scandinavia

    The majority of girls I met in these countries have the following characteristics, these are the kind of things I like in women, and in my home country they are very hard to find.

    1. Fun loving and sporty (not watch sports, do them)

    2. Intelligent

    3. Speak 3 languages or more (Always a bonus to communicate)

    4. Have no problem with nudity (always a bonus)

    5. Open-minded (both to religion and races)

    6. Kind and caring (the best characteristic in woman)

    7. Loves travel and adventure

    8. Outdoorsy (Camping and just any fun activity outside without worrying about mirrors and luxuries like a flushing toilet)

    • Croatia!


      Yeah baby! xD

    • Croatia is beautiful. :]

      I was born there.

      Your characteristics list is very true, surprisingly.

  • Russia, Solvenia and Czech Republic, they are really beautiful :)

  • Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Qatar and Yemen. They kidnap them from all of the other countries.

  • Britain link

  • european are more skinny and sexy where as america have more chunky girls with sexy thighs:P

  • Toss up between Ireland and Scotland.

  • For the love of god, not use Brits. I heard our best looking girl went out with Chuck Norris, and he was the looker D:

    Personally, I'd go for the Dutch ladies *shazam*

  • Brazil or South America. There is nothing more attractive than the combination of a white and a mestizo. For instance look at Ana Beatriz Barros and Adriana Lima, they are both Mestizo or a combination of "brown" and "white" people.

    Brazil or even some countries in South America (Venezuela and Colombia also sort of fit here) has a very geen pool and that is because a lot of Europeans, Africans immigrated to Brasil. Unlike north america and other countries in the world who exterminated the aboriginal races. Brasilians did not exterminated them, as the matter of fact White, Brown adn black mixed together to make the most excotic and beautiful women in the world.

    • They are still mestizo though, but more white than brown per se. And I am not glorifying the white race, because there is a lot of things that the white race has that isn't attractive at all.


  • I've heard about Swedish women but I wouldn't know.

  • Eastern Europe without a doubt! A diverse range of tasty ladies all within a small radious...

    Poland/Czech Rpblc - Fair, blond, glorious arses... DEVINE!

    Albania/Serbia - Dark features, beautiful skin, they have character to thier looks... SEXY!

    Romania - Darker features, slighty paler than Serb's, thier accents... WONDERFUL (watch gymnastics and you'll understand)

    Eastern Europe... home of the calander girls

    • Romania for sure! beautiful girls there. And latinas of course ( mexico ,spain, argentina..) their sensuality is just unique.

  • It really depends what you meant with 'best'..my personal 'best' behavior can be perceived as extremely rude in other countries..

    What does a woman makes her a good woman anyway? behavior is culture and local society-based.. you're talking about standards in life, which makes me think in terms of education, rather than eg sexiness (Miss worlds are usually from South America or Philippines or another tropical area), career success (most emancipated countries are in Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands according to studies).. I can follow that European women have high standards: their culture allows much more openess to other cultures and their education helps to cultivate their own individuality, along with moral standards which I do believe are generally higher still because of the education and family values that are still stronger there. Although Asian and som African cultures have much stronger family bonding, the education there generally is lacking - needless to say though that they're catching up fast..Sit down with a European woman, and chances are you'll have a decent conversation. I don't have a lot of Australian experience, but I'm thinking they're having the same standards there..they strike me as rather rough and direct, more so than Europeans - not saying that is better or worse!

  • doesnt take a country to make good women!

  • Martians!

  • Brazil, Colombia, Dominica, Australia, Estonia and Japan. I can't really pick between them.

  • Nordic girls. Independent, strong-willed, opinionated, traditional and still liberal, clever, cheeky, adventurous and sweet. Continental and American girls usually rub me the wrong way, and British girls I know are all pretty high maintenance.

  • I would say the US!

  • lets all go to brazil or columbia...nice tans, sexy attitudes, oh boy I wanna go now!

  • Denmark ! ;-)

    We have some beautiful women here, I wouldn't trade for any other country :-)

  • Italy. Emphatically not the US or Canada though -- way too many narcissists.

    • Polish and Czech too.

  • Kazakhstan!

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